TRFT Internship Sites

Thank you for your interest in our program and for providing a learning opportunity for our students! 

Register with SJSU’s Career Center

The Career Center advertises internships and jobs and also holds job/internship fairs on campus several times a year (sponsorships or representation at these fairs are available). To be added to a California-wide listing of jobs or internships, register your opportunities online at

Placement Information

Please provide the following information to help us better understand work requirements and provide potential student interns with your contact information. Please cut-paste these questions into an email and send it to:

For Radio-Television-Film internships, please contact Dr. Kimb Massey (

For Theatre internships, please contact Amy Glazer (

Thank you for providing an opportunity for our students to learn!


Start Date:

End Date:

Organization Name:

Description of Business:

Address: City: State: Zip:

Contact's Name:

Contact's Title:



How many internship positions are available?

Description of assignments or intern duties:

Application requirements or minimum qualifications?

Will the intern(s) be paid for the semester's work? If so, at what rate?                                                                                                               

Additional comments or instructions?

Once a student is placed with your organization, the TA198 or RTVF198 Internship Contract must be filled out to establish the student assignment with the site. Students must not begin work before submitting a contract with required signatures from the internship site.

After the site-university relationship is legally established (paperwork is completed), the site is responsible for three tasks:

  1. Provide relevant work experience for the student intern.

  2. Supervise student's work at the internship site.

  3. Evaluate the student upon completion of the internship.

A site supervisor may use the Site Evaluation form (provided via the student intern) to evaluate the intern, or may submit a personal letter of evaluation, if preferred. Please note that there is a deadline for submitting the site evaluation; the intern will not receive credit for the course without a Site Evaluation.

Important Notice

Interns must be registered for the RTVF 198 or TA 198 course while they are doing the internship. Retroactive credit is not allowed, according to department and university policy. The syllabi contains a thorough explanation of all requirements. At the end of the syllabus is the semester schedule that lists the various deadlines for required paperwork.