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The most recent version of the catalog is Fall 2014 - Spring 2015. Effective Fall 2012, SJSU will no longer be printing the catalog. The SJSU catalog will now be available only in an electronic format. Click here to get the most current online version of the catalog

Catalog Changes / Review

To make San José State University practice compatible with the Title V rules concerning catalog rights and requirements of the articulation system within which SJSU provides information for transfer students (ASSIST), changes to degree programs, including the addition of new degrees, minors or concentrations will be input into the online catalog only in the Fall term.

By going to a once a year update, we will be able to use the archived online catalogs to clearly determine catalog rights and requirements for transfer students.

To accommodate these changes, all program and curricular changes will be due no later than December 20 of the preceding year. The Catalog Development web site can be viewed to check on catalog revisions.