Curriculum Guide

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This is an informal summary of procedures required to accomplish the most frequently requested curricular changes at SJSU. Always call or consult first, as it will save time in the end. For information on topics not covered, call the Office of Graduate & Undergraduate Programs, 408-924-2447 or Curriculum Analyst Nicole Loeser, 408-924-3484.

Lead times for new courses to appear in the Schedule of classes, or for curricular changes to be reflected in the university online Catalog are MUCH longer than many faculty anticipate. The annual Deadlines are around December 20th for Fall and May 20th for Spring Curriculum Request (View Curriculum Flowchart). UGS can assist you with planning to meet the various committee meeting deadlines.

No curricular change, and no new degree or concentration, may be publicized before final approval. There are legal implications.

Graduate and Undergraduate Curriculum forms are available online. Downloading is done from the Forms Page.


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