Standards for Academic Internship Contracts

Background:A CSU audit of off-campus activities in 2009-10 found that SJSU was lax in its oversight of academic internships. In particular, the audit found that SJSU needed to improve central campus-level monitoring and control of the contracts between SJSU and those organizations providing the internships. Therefore, we need to set up procedures that will effectively keep Undergraduate Studies informed of the compliance of our academic programs with CSU safety and risk management policies.

Policy: After careful consideration of the variety of internship contract forms that academic programs are using, we concluded that it would be too restrictive on the programs to mandate a single contract form. Instead, we need to ensure that the contract forms that the programs are using are standardized with respect to required information.

Therefore, please review the academic internship contract form that you are using and edit it appropriately to make sure that it includes each the following:

  1. General nformation about the program
  2. University responsibilities
  3. Hosting facility's responsibilities
  4. Affirmative Action and Non-discrimination language
  5. Status of University and Hosting facility
  6. Insurance
  7. Hold Harmless / Indemnification
  8. Term and Termination of agreement
  9. General provisions
  10. Execution / Signatures

In addition, the internship contract form set up for individual students, which they sign and you keep, must have a page with 1) student emergency contact information and instructions; and 2) a “hold harmless” statement ( PDF sample).

Most of the current forms used by the schools already have these sections, so this should not be onerous. If you have questions about the appropriate wording of any section, please contact the Office of Risk and Compliance (4-2159).

When your form is complete, please return it to  the Office of Undergraduate Studies ( as a pdf (or send along a hard copy that we can scan). 

Oversight and Reconciliation Procedure:

Undergraduate Studies has responsibility for ensuring that all SJSU academic programs comply with CSU policies. Deans oversee compliance of programs in their colleges. UGS will request copies of all new internship contracts from the college Associate Deans at the start of each semester, and document and report discrepancies at the first Associate Deans meeting at the start of each semester . UGS will maintain a check list of compliance issues and follow up any instances of non-compliance. At the start of each semester, UGS will reconcile all new contracts with the log of contracts kept by Procurement Services.

For further information about this policy, contact the Office of Undergraduate Studies (4-2447); for risk and compliance information contact the Office of Risk and Compliance (4-2159).

 For a PDF version of this policy, please click here.