Board of General Studies

The Board of General Studies (BoGS) is a committee that reports to Curriculum & Research Committee and to the Provost. The Board of General Studies:

    • solicits courses and curricular proposals designed to satisfy General Education requirements from all colleges and departments of the University;
    • reviews, approves, and authorizes courses and curricular proposals for purposes of General Education; and
    • evaluates the courses and curricula it has approved.
    • in consultation with deans and chairs, provides for and approves "challenge" mechanisms for Basic Skills requirements.
    • the Board considers petitions from programs for relief from the fifty-one semester hour General Education requirement.

The Board of General Studies consist of eleven members:

    • seven teaching faculty (representing seven colleges),
    • two students,
    • the Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Studies,
    • and the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Curriculum).

2015-2016 Meeting Dates

Simon Rodan, Chair

Please submit any proposals to Graduate and Undergraduate Studies office at least one week prior to BOGS meeting date(s).

Fall 2015- August 27, September 10, September 24, October 8, October 22, November 5, November 19, and December 3.