Paying the External Reviewer

Procedures for Paying External Reviewer

External reviewers that live in California are reimbursed at a flat fee of $1,000. Reviewers from out of state are reimbursed $1,000 plus expenses.

Departments or colleges may choose to reimburse in-state reviewers for additional expenses using the same procedures as for out-of-state reviewers. However, such costs will not be reimbursed to the College by Undergraduate Studies. The department should pay the external reviewer when the final report is received by both the department and Undergraduate Studies (UGS).

All reviewers should complete the following forms while on campus:

  • Vendor Data Record (
  • Generic invoice ( this specifically lists honoraria as appropriate for this form)

Reviewers should also sign a hard copy of the Travel Expenses Claim. The department will complete this form when they receive all receipts from the reviewer.

The Vendor Record creates a mechanism by which SJSU can pay off-campus reviewers. When you receive the external report then complete a Direct Pay online, attach the signed Generic Invoice, and the Vendor Data Record. Submit all the forms to purchasing. Send a copy to Undergraduate Studies. Once the department pays the reviewer, that information is forwarded to UGS. We will reimburse the College for the $1,000 honorarium plus covered expenses (if the reviewer is out-of-state).

This page last updated 7/28/2011