Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy Mission

To develop student leaders who engage in clinical reasoning, scholarly activities, and lifelong learning in order to respond to challenges in the ever-changing practice environment. As well as to prepare clinicians who believe in body-mind unity with a perspective that values the whole person in the context of her/his environment and who see the client as a developing system, engaging in occupations throughout the life cycle.

We are all developing systems that believe in body-mind unity and engage in meaningful occupatins throughout are many life cycles.

Outcomes - BS/MS Occupational Therapy

  1. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills
  2. Demonstrate a capacity for problem solving and critical analysis
  3. Understand and be able to articulate the nature of occupation, adaptive skills, and roles of productive living
  4. Understand occupational therapy's theoretical base and models of practice
  5. Articulate the importance of history and the philosophical base of the profession
  6. Demonstrate knowledge and appreciation of the roles of sociocultural, socioeconomic, diversity factors, and lifestyle choices in contemporary society
  7. Demonstrate the ability to apply occupational therapy theory, and standardized and nonstandardized evidence-based assessments of clients' performance in all areas of occupation to achieve expected outcomes related to occupation
  8. Provide occupationally-based interventions determined by the needs of the client and the evaluation data, in collaboration with members of the intervention team (client, family, caregivers, and health care providers).
  9. Demonstrate professional behavior that upholds the ethical standards, values, and attitudes of the profession in establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with clients
  10. Demonstrate basic research skills including the use of statistics, tests, and measurements
  11. Exhibit the ability to use appropriate educational methods to address the needs of consumers
  12. Apply principles of management and service delivery in the provision of occupational therapy to individuals and organizations

Assessment of Student Learning BS

Schedule (doc)

Assessment of Student Learning MS

Program Planning Documents

Occupational Therapy Program Planning Report 2010 (pdf)

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