Communicative Disorders & Sciences BA


Students in CD&S are seeking careers in the professions of speech-language pathology or audiology. Speech-language pathologists identify, evaluate and treat children and adults with speech-language, cognitive-communicative, and/or swallowing disorders. Audiologists identify, diagnose, and treat individuals with hearing or balance disorders.

The speech-language pathology program is accredited by the Council of Academic Accreditation and is an approved program of the California Licensing Board in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, and of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences is to provide high-quality academic and clinical preparation to students seeking careers working with individuals who have speech, language and hearing disorders, and their families. Guided by principles of evidence-based practice and working in collaboration with other professionals, our graduates will adhere to the highest ethical standard in serving the needs of our diverse community. 

BA Program Information

Student Learning Outcomes 

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the bachelors degree program should demonstrate:

  1. Oral and written communication skills;
  2.  A knowledge base in normal communication and disorders across life span;
  3. Effective problem solving and critical thinking;
  4. Knowledge of basic human communication processes, including their biological, neurological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, linguistic and cultural bases;
  5. Beginning level of assessment skills for individuals with communication disorders;
  6. Beginning level research skills in communication disorders and sciences;
  7. An understanding of the changing models of service delivery and their effect on speech-language/audiology therapy management
  8. A beginning understanding of the theoretical basis of speech-language and hearing therapy and models of practice;
  9. Professional behavior based on the ethics and standards of the speech-language pathology and audiology professions; and
  10. Flexible service delivery (at the beginning level) in a diverse, multicultural society. 


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Accreditation Standards for CD&S

CCTC Program Specific Standards
ASHA Standards
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Assessment Reports

Program Assessment Plan
CCTC Biennial Data Report - Fall 2013 (Completed every 2 years)
Program Assessment Document (Completed every 6 years)