Child & Adolescent Development BA

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The mission of the Department of Child and Adolescent Development is to develop educated persons who are well informed, responsible, life-long learners and take and active interest in the world around them. We strive to prepare individuals who have a command of various theories and milestones of human development and are sensitive to the commonalities and diversities in people of all ages.

Student Learning Outcomes


Students who complete a ChAD degree should be able to:

  • demonstrate basic knowledge of child and adolescent development in four major domains (cognitive, emotional, social, and physical) and understand the interrelationships among these domains;
  • understand the role of context in the growth and development of children and adolescents and their socialization by family, community, society, and culture;
  • apply research, theory, and problem-solving skills to questions about social policy, education, intervention, and practical situations pertaining to children and adolescents;
  • examine and evaluate information about children and adolescents from a variety of sources;
  • demonstrate inquisitiveness about the development of children and adolescents by articulating reasoned questions and methods for seeking answers to those questions;
  • demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills for facilitating the development of children and adolescents and meeting the challenges of working with other professionals; and
  • understand ethical and advocacy responsibilities in working with and on behalf of children and adolescents.

Assessment schedule

Assessment reports:

spring 2011 (doc)fall 2006 (doc)spring 2007 (doc)fall 2007 (doc)

for earlier reports see the college report: fall 2005 (doc)spring 2006 (doc)