Aerospace Engineering

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BSAE Annual Assessment Reports

ABET Criterion 4 (improvement): spring 2011(pdf)

SLO 1 spring 2010(pdf)

Before 2010 all SLOs were reported together

Spring 2009 (pdf)


MSAE Program

MSAE Program Educational Objectives

  1. A strong foundation beyond the undergraduate level in their chosen focus area as well as in mathematics, basic science and engineering fundamentals, to successfully compete for technical engineering positions in the local, national and global engineering market, advance in their current position or pursue doctoral studies.
  2. Contemporary professional and lifelong learning skills to be able to apply theory to solve practical engineering problems.
  3. Expertise necessary to work in the analysis and design of aerospace engineering systems with possible specialization in areas such as: Aircraft Design, Spacecraft Systems, Space Transportation & Exploration.
  4. Strong verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to write engineering reports.
  5. The ability to perform research and work independently to solve open-ended problems in aerospace engineering.


MSAE Annual Assessment Reports

All graduate program reports are posted on the College of Engineering Website:


Program Planning Documents

Aerospace Engineering Letter to the Provost Spring 2014 (PDF)

Aerospace Engineering 9-22-08