The Aviation program offers a Bachelor of Science degree, and operates within the Department of Aviation and Technology in the College of Engineering.  The department website can be found at:  http://www.engr.sjsu.edu/avtech/


The BS in Aviation prepares student for careers in the aviation industry. The Aviation Management option prepares students to work in either a public or private airport or a general aviation company. The Operations option is designed for those students who wish to work in the operations side for a commercial airline, including the positon of pilot. In these two options, the students acquire a strong foundation of business and management principles, finance and accounting, information systems, communication skills, and teamwork. The Avionics option provides basic and advanced courses in electronics and adds specialized courses in Avionics. The Maintenance Management option is a 2+2 program for students from local community colleges. A community college student should be able to transfer almost all of their aviation maintenance courses and complete their BS degree requirements at SJSU in Maintenance Management.

BS in Aviation

Program Learning Outcomes

All students in the BS Aviation degree will:

  • Apply current knowledge and adapt to emerging applications in aviation
  • Function effectively on teams
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand the role and processes in team development, dynamics and management
  • Understand micro- and macroeconomic principles including: production theory and costs, cost benefit analysis, economic growth concepts, and international economic relationships
  • Understand the attributes and behavior of an aviation professional, career planning, and certification.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of aircraft design, performance, operating characteristics, and maintenance as it relates to the student's career goals.
  • Analyze the role and regulations regarding aviation safety and human factors.
  • Describe the legal and labor issues in national and international aviation.
  • Describe meteorology and environmental issues as they relate to aviation
  • Apply business accounting principles to financial situations in aviation

Assessment reports

undergraduate program:
spring 2007 (doc) fall 2007 (doc)

spring 2007 BSIT manufacturing (doc)

spring 2007 BSIT electronics (doc)


Program Planning Documents