Civil & Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree program.  Their webpage is:


  • To serve society, the public sector and private industry by
  • providing undergraduate and graduate civil engineering education that prepares students to apply engineering knowledge to the diverse issues of resources, infrastructure and the built environment;
  • contributing to the development and codification of knowledge through faculty scholarship, and;
  • meeting the needs of working professionals for continuing education.

BS in Civil Engineering

BS Program Educational Objectives

The program educational objectives are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing the graduates to achieve:

  1. Function effectively as civil engineering professionals in industry, government or other organizations, designing, improving, leading and implementing efficient civil engineering practices.
  2. Provide solutions to engineering problems that account for economical, environmental, ethical, and societal considerations as well as professional standards, by applying acquired engineering knowledge.
  3. Apply their broad civil engineering education to effectively communicate civil engineering concepts orally and in written forms.
  4. Utilize formal and informal learning opportunities to maintain and enhance technical, personal and professional growth.


BS Annual Assessment Reports

ABET Criterion 4 (improvement) spring 2011

SLO E: spring 2010

Prior to 2010 all learning objectives were reported together:

Spring 2009 (doc)spring 2006 (doc)fall 2005 (doc)

MS in Civil Engineering

All graduate program reports are posted on the College of Engineering Website:

Program Planning Documents

Civil and Environmental Engineering 3-20-08