Creative Arts

Humanities Department Goals


    1. Investigate topics using interdisciplinary approaches;
    2. Appreciate, understand and celebrate diversity, while knowing how to identify and bracket one’s own cultural bias;
    3. Think critically and creatively, and be willing to question authority and to express rational skepticism;
    4. Understand and appreciate creations of the human imagination and intellect;
    5. Synthesize various forms of knowledge to solve aesthetic, social and cultural problems;
    6. Read, write and speak as members of the educated public and as citizens prepared to face controversy;
    7. Develop and integrate performance and research skills, including information literacy;
    8. Become concerned and involved citizens, speaking on controversial issues and acting to influence the course of history.
    9. Engage in informed discussion and reflection about human values.

Creative Arts BA Learning Outcomes

    1. Perform interdisciplinary analysis of various forms of creative arts, attending to connections and commonalities as well as differences, in both written and oral formats.
    2. Understand and describe the arts as contested sites of cultural production and the role(s) of the arts in the development and articulation of various social forms.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to develop and use practice-based methodologies in research projects.
    4. Identify, select, use and cite information sources appropriately. 
    5. Create class projects that demonstrate innovative thinking.
    6. Collaborate effectively with other students in the completion of team projects.

Assessment of Student Learning

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