Liberal Studies

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Humanities Department Goals

  1. Investigate topics using interdisciplinary approaches;
  2. Appreciate, understand and celebrate diversity, while knowing how to identify and bracket one's own cultural bias;
  3. Think critically and creatively, without fear to question authority and to express rational skepticism;
  4. Understand creations of the human imagination and intellect;
  5. Synthesize various forms of knowledge to solve aesthetic, social and cultural problems;
  6. Read, write and speak as members of the educated public and as citizens unafraid to face controversy;
  7. Develop and integrate performance and research skills;
  8. Become concerned and involved citizens, speaking on controversial issues and acting to influence the course of history.

Learning Objectives - BA Liberal Studies

In the process of engaging in critical inquiry on events, objects, problems or issues of contemporary and/or historical significance, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. utilize relevant resources from at least three or more disciplines in the course of a single project
  2. utilize at least three different and relevant information resources (for example, books, journal articles, interviews, electronic media, pamphlets, maps, magazines, videos, works of art, etc.)
  3. demonstrate understanding of relevant past dialogue on their topics;
  4. demonstrate understanding of the relevant ethical dimensions of their topics;
  5. identify and demonstrate appreciate of the multiple perspectives on their topics arising from cultural differences;
  6. construct a logical, coherent, and persuasive argument that includes a clear thesis and clear premises;
  7. present and discuss ideas via multiple modalities (written work, verbal communication, presentations, electronic media, works of art, lessons taught, service learning, community activism, etc.); and
  8. exhibit a personal critical perspective and a sense of intellectual independence.

Teacher Preparation

Liberal Studies Teacher Preparation students will be able achieve all the above objectives while engaged in critical inquiry on topics related to K-12 education. In addition, they will also be able to:

9. successfully plan lessons for K-12 classrooms; and

10. successfully implement lessons in K-12 classrooms.


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