Religious Studies

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Humanities Department Goals

  1. Investigate topics using interdisciplinary approaches;
  2. Appreciate, understand and celebrate diversity, while knowing how to identify and bracket one's own cultural bias;
  3. Think critically and creatively, without fear to question authority and to express rational skepticism;
  4. Understand creations of the human imagination and intellect;
  5. Synthesize various forms of knowledge to solve aesthetic, social and cultural problems;
  6. Read, write and speak as members of the educated public and as citizens unafraid to face controversy;
  7. Develop and integrate performance and research skills;
  8. Become concerned and involved citizens, speaking on controversial issues and acting to influence the course of history.

Learning Objectives - BA Religious Studies

  1. Demonstrate a high level of religious literacy, including the ability to articulate etic and emic perspectives about religions.
  2. Explain scholarly interpretations of religious traditions, including major Asian and Western religions as well as selected popular, indigenous, or tribal traditions.
  3. Show awareness of the interdisciplinarity of comparative religious studies and of a variety of disciplinary approaches to the study of religion including anthropological, aesthetic, historical, literary, philosophical, psychological, sociological and theological).
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with theories on the culturally constructed nature of religious beliefs as well as of perspectives in the study of religions; and demonstrate how religious texts and practices are interpretable in multiple ways.
  5. Write and speak about religions in a scholarly, civil, and respectful manner, using the academic discourses that have evolved for this purpose.
  6. Show one understands the importance of scholarly research and demonstrate appropriate research skills.
  7. Encounter and engage faculty, students, and community members who hold diverse views within and about religious traditions.

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