Natural Science/Teacher Education (MA)

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The Science Education Program is designed to provide professional development opportunities to science teachers at all levels and promote the most effective and research-based approaches to teach science. The Science Education Program designs, counsels and coordinates the B.A. science majors for teacher preparation which includes Natural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics. In cooperation with the College of Education, the Science Education Program supports the Single Subject Teacher Credential Program in Science by advising candidates, offering appropriate coursework and supervising student science teacher candidates. The Science Education Program coordinates the M.A. in Natural Science and oversees the Science Education Resource Center.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To increase and broaden the candidate's background in science content.
  2. To increase the candidate's academic proficiency and professional competence in special areas of interest within the field of science education.
  3. To allow educators opportunities to engage in curricular development, science research, and/or application of new teaching methodologies.
  4. To emphasize preparedness and competency in science teaching to a diverse, multidimensional community.

Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment Schedule as of fall 2010(doc)

Assessment reports:

SLO Students will be able to conduct research: spring 2010 (doc)

spring 2009 (doc)

spring 2008 (doc) fall 2007 (doc) spring 2007 (doc)

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