Environmental Studies



Mission Statement

To provide a rigorous, systematic, and integrated approach to the study, management, and solution of environmental problems and issues.

Program Learning Objectives

BS and BA Environmental Studies

MS Environmental Studies

Annual Assessment Reports

Assessment Reports
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Spring 2013 BA/BS

Spring 2011 BA/BS (.doc)

Assessment Reports
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Spring 2013 MS

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Program Planning

Environmental Studies 2008




Undergraduate Student Learning Objectives

Current SLOs: 2011
Superceded SLOs: 2010
2005 - 2009

1. Qualitative Environmental Literacy:

Students are able to write a logical, analytical paper using good writing style and construction supported by appropriate research. Goal: Achieve good to excellent level of environmental research, writing and analysis in a 15-page paper including:

  1. Independent literature review on a self-chosen topic using 10-20 relevant scholarly/technical articles with little assistance, and
  2. Critical evaluations using criteria discussed in the course and recommendations for sustainable solutions

2. Quantitative Environmental Literacy:

Students are able to determine, apply and interpret appropriate basic statistical or other quantitative analyses to environmental data (Chi-square, ANOVA, Regression). Goal: Be able to develop a study designed to use particular analyses that test a hypothesis or specific research question including the abilities to:

  1. Design, run and interpret studies to test a hypothesis or research question, and
  2. Read and interpret scholarly papers including basic analytical methods, graphs and results.

3. Professional Skills:

  • 3A) Students are able to productively conduct group/team work to deliver professional quality presentations and reports, and
  • 3B) Students demonstrate professional work skills.

Unique Goals by Program:

  • B.S. in Environmental Studies -- Proficient at application of statistics to environmental issues
  • B.A. in Environmental Studies -- Proficient at applying theoretical frameworks to understand how environmental problems occur and how negative environmental impacts can be addressed through means such as policy, laws, and NGOs
  • B.A. in Teacher Preparation -- Have knowledge required by the State of California for multiple subjects preparation teaching

MS Student Learning Goals & Objectives

  1. Able to thoroughly review literature and research in a specific area of the environmental studies and able to formulate original research questions based on critical analysis of aforementioned review.
  2. Able to develop appropriate and feasible methods for original research project
  3. Possess thorough knowledge of the history of environmental thought
  4. Able to carry out original research plan and write a high quality scholarly thesis or professional report
  5. Able to present original research results in a public oral defense

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