Political Science

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Mission BA Political Science

We will teach our students about politics and government using the theory and methods of the discipline of political science. We will make critical thinking, oral communication and written expression important components of political science education at San Jose State University. We will try to instill in our students a commitment to citizenship in their local, state, national and global communities. We will prepare our students for careers in the public, private and non-profit administration, public policy and law.

Learning Objectives

A.Breadth: Students should possess a broad knowledge of the theory and methods of the various branches of the discipline.
B.Application Students should be able to apply a variety of techniques to identify, understand and analyze domestic and international political issues and organizations.
C.Disciplinary Methods: Students should be able to formulate research questions, engage in systematic literature searches using primary and secondary sources, have competence in systematic data gathering using library sources, government documents and data available through electronic sources, should be able to evaluate research studies, and should be able to critically analyze and interpret influential political texts.
D. Communication Skills: Students should master basic competencies in oral and written communication skills and be able to apply these skills in the context of political science. This means communicating effectively about politics and/or public administration, public policy and law.
E. Citizenship: Students should acquire an understanding of the role of the citizen in local, state, national and global contexts and appreciate the importance of life long participation political processes

Assessment of Student Learning

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spring 2013

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spring 2013

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Program Planning Documents

POLS Program Planning Report 2013 (pdf)

POLS Letter to the Provost 2014 (pdf)

POLS Action Plan 2014 (pdf)