Assessment Facilitators

The Assessment Facilitators are comprised of a faculty member and the Associate Dean from each college, as well as the Director of Assessment. In addition, the Library and Office of Student Affairs send a representative.  The purposes of this group include sharing research and best practices on program assessment, and aiding departments and programs in implementing sound assessment practices.

Director of Assessment:

Melinda Jackson

Applied Arts and Sciences:

Emily Wughalter
Pamela Richardson (AD)


Carol Reade
Malu Roldan (AD)


Robin Love
Mary McVey (AD)


Jinny Rhee (AD)

Humanities and Arts:

Roula Svorou
Kathleen McSharry (AD)


Julie Sliva Spitzer
Elaine Collins (AD)

Social Science:

Hilary Nixon
Lynne Trulio (AD)


Jennifer Dinalo
Valeria Molteni (AD)

Student Affairs

Demerris Brooks


Assessment Facilitator Meetings