Medical, Dental, and Vision Programs

Medical Insurance Plans

Employees that are benefits eligible may enroll in one of several medical plans for themselves and their eligible dependents:

  • Monthly plan premium costs shared by the CSU and the employee.
  • Employee contribution rates vary depending on the plan selected and the number of dependents enrolled.
  • Before enrolling, review the current Health Plan Rates​​ (requires SJSUOne/CSU login) and the information provided below for each plan.
  • To find health plans available in your area go to the CalPERS Health Plan Search by Zip Code
  • Use Provider Phone/Website List (requires SJSUOne/CSU login) to contact providers for more information.
  • Need help choosing a medical plan? Navigate to the Rates and Plans page on the CalPERS website for additional information. 


Dental Insurance Plans

Employees that meet benefits eligibility may enroll in one either:

  • Delta Dental PPO or DeltaCare USA for themselves and their eligible dependents.
  • Both plans are administered by Delta Dental of California.
  • The premiums for these dental plans are paid by the CSU.
  • When you go to your dentist, be sure to provide them with your group number.

Vision Plans

CSU Vision Plan - Basic

All eligible employees appointed half-time or more for a period of more than six months, and their eligible dependents, are automatically enrolled in the VSP Basic plan.

  • Premiums are paid by the CSU.
  • May visit any licensed ophthalmologist, optometrist or dispensing optician of choice.
  • By choosing a Advantage Network provider in the Vision Service Plan (VSP), the insurance will cover more out-of-pocket costs. To find a Advantage Network provider outside of California, log-in at VSP or call VSP at (800) 877-7195.
  • Administrator is Vision Service Plan (VSP)(requires SJSUOne/CSU login)
The VSP Basic plan includes:
  • One comprehensive eye exam every calendar year.
  • One pair of lenses every other calendar year (or calendar year if your prescription changes) and one frame every other calendar year.
  • Contact lenses every other calendar year when contact lenses are provided in lieu of all other lens and frame benefits.

CSU Vision Plan - Premier

All CSU active employees eligible to participate in the CSU VSP Basic Plan are eligible to enroll in the Premier Vision Plan for a small monthly employee cost share. The Premier Vision Plan enables you to get a higher allowance for frames and contacts, fully covered standard progressive lenses, and more discounts.

Eligible employees must enroll through VSP directly by calling (800) 400-4569. The additional cost will be deducted directly from their pay warrant.

If the employee elects the Premier Plan, any dependents they wish to cover must also be enrolled into the Premier Plan coverage. Employees cannot choose to enroll in both the Basic and Premier vision plan coverage at the same time, or split their enrollment leaving any dependents on the Basic Vision Plan. 

The VSP Premier plan includes:
  • One comprehensive eye exam every calendar year.
  • One pair of lenses/frames every calendar year.
  • Contact lenses every calendar year when contact lenses are provided in lieu of all other lens and frame benefits.
  • Extra Savings on Retinal Screening.

VSP Online Access

Employees can complete an online member registration enrollment to create a user identification (ID) and password, for the purpose of viewing his/her vision benefits at VSP.

Accessing Benefits
  • Claim form is not required when using standard in-network benefits.
  • Services provided by a non-VSP provider must be paid in full by the employee. For reimbursement, complete a VSP Out-of-Network Reimbursement form (.pdf) (requires SJSUOne/CSU login)

More Information

FlexCash Plan and Tax Advantage Premium Plan

The CSU offers 2 plans that help employees manage their benefit needs and save valuable tax dollars. If an employee has medical and/or dental coverage not offered by the CSU, Medicare, Tricare or California Care the Flexcash plan pays cash in lieu of CSU coverage allowing the employee to receive only the coverage needed. If an employee elects health coverage through CSU, the Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP) allows for the payment of health insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, reducing federal, state and FICA taxes. TAPP applies to all faculty, staff, MPP, and Confidentials. There is an administrative charge of $0.17 per month to participate in TAPP.

If an employee chooses to participate in Flexcash, the following monthly after-tax are made to the employee:

  • Medical and Dental - $140
  • Medical Only - $128
  • Dental Only - $12

For further questions regarding Flexcash/TAPP please refer to the CSU Website (Requires SJSUOne/CSU login) or to the Flexcash Brochure (.pdf) (Requires SJSUOne/CSU login)

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