Open Enrollment

All Open Enrollment changes are effective January 1 of the following year.

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Open Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to learn about new offerings and to make additions, changes or deletions to your benefits, which will be effective January 1.
Employees have the opportunity to:

  • Enroll in health/dental/vision/flexcash (if benefits eligible)
  • Change insurance plans
  • Add/delete eligible dependents
  • Enroll/Re-enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts - Health Care Reimbursement Account(HCRA) and/or Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA)
  • Enroll/cancel voluntary benefit plans
  • MetLaw – Legal Plan enroll or cancel

Notable Changes:

  • Health plan premiums have changed – employee contributions increased for most plans.
  • Annual maximum contribution for HCRA increased by $50 to a maximum contribution of $2650/year or $220.83/month. 
  • If requested, (HCRA) ASIFlex Debit card for NEW enrollees will be issued by January 2019. Current enrollees' debit card is valid until 2023.
  • Dental PPO plans: Preventative care will no longer count towards the annual year maximum when seeing contracting dentist.
  • Blue Shield Access+ will exit eight Bay Area Counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.  This Medical plan will no longer be available in these counties.
  • Effective January 1, 2019, rates for most health plans will change with significant rate increases for Anthem Traditional, Blue Shield Access+ and PERSCare.

Employee Services Fair

University Personnel hosts an annual Employee Services Fair in the Student Union Ballroom. The fair offers employees the opportunity to learn more about health plans that will be effective January 1, as well as local programs that can improve employee health and wellness. Over 70 vendors are expected to attend, including a wide range of health care groups, investment groups, and wellness companies. Fair attendees will be eligible to win door prizes from participating vendors. Bring your Tower Card to be eligible for a variety of giveaways and prizes. We hope to see you at the fair!

Benefits Staff will be on hand at the fair to assist employees with their on-line open enrollment changes.  More information will be posted in this section closer to Open Enrollment.

CalPERS Online Health Plan Statement

Beginning August 27, 2018, all health plan members can access their Health Plan Statement by logging into their my|CalPERS account 24/7 at my|CalPERS. The health plan statement allows subscribers the opportunity to receive customized employee specific health information in a confidential and secure method, and provides a convenient central location for health plan resources. Employees can view their current monthly premium rates and 2019 monthly premium rates if they do not change health plans for Open Enrollment. The statement will also include specific health benefit changes that may impact them in the upcoming year. If an employee did not create a CalPERS account, they can create one by going to the my|CalPERS login page located at CalPERS and select Participant, continue, then register now.

CalPERS Online Tools

CalPERS has several helpful online tools that employees can utilize to review important health plan options and information during Open Enrollment.  Log in to my|CalPERS to use the Find a Medical Plan tool to research the health plan coverage and benefits most important to you and your family. Other resources include the Health Plan Search by Zip Code which is an online tool that identifies which plans are available within a particular zip code. 

Enrollment Procedures

Benefit elections and changes during Open Enrollment must be made online through one.SJSU > SJSU@Work Self-Service and will take effect on January 1 of the following year. You can access the self-service panels from any computer with Internet access by logging on to your one.SJSU and selecting SJSU@Work > Main Menu > Self Service > Benefits > Open Enrollment. You will need your one.SJSU username and password to log in. Also, please submit an 
e-Benefits Self Service Electronic Signature Authorization Form (.pdf), if you haven't
done so already. Elections or cancellations of voluntary benefits must be handled directly with the plan (see Voluntary Benefit Plans section below).

Any employee who makes changes must have all supporting documents on file by the deadline.

Current Year Health Costs and Changes

To learn more about the current year Health Plan Rates, plan information and changes, please refer to the information below:   

2019 Basic Plan Rates (.pdf)​ (requires SJSUOne/CSU login)

2019 Guidebook for Benefits Eligible Employees (.pdf) (requires SJSUOne/CSU login)

Important Links:

CalPERS Open Enrollment Newsletter (.pdf)

CalPERS Health benefit summary (.pdf)

CalPERS Open Enrollment

CalPERS guide on understanding open enrollment (.pdf)

CalPERS Health Benefit Program Guide (.pdf)

CalPERS Health Plan search by zip code

Highlighted below are the current year Health plan changes:

Highlights of the current year CalPERS health benefit changes are listed on Please refer to each health plan’s Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklet for a complete explanation of the benefits covered, as well as limitations and exclusions that apply. For additional information on CalPERS health plans, please refer to the CalPERS Open Enrollment materials on the CalPERS website at:

  1. Health Plan Rate Changes: Effective January 1, 2019, rates for most health plans will change with significant rate increases for Anthem Traditional, Blue Shield Access+ and PERSCare.
  1. Health Net Leaving Sacramento: Health Net will no longer be offered in Sacramento regions of El Dorado,Placer, Sacramento and Yolo in 2019. Employees enrolled in Health Net and reside in Sacramento that do not make a change during Open Enrollment, will be administratively moved to a comparable plan in the area. Note: Any eligible employee with a benefits effective date of October 1, 2018, or later, will not be able to enroll into the plan. 
  1. County Contractions: Blue Shield Access+ will exit eight Bay Area Counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.
  1. PERS Select Basic PPO Plan has adopted a value-based insurance design: The new PERS Select will award credits to reduce annual deductibles; eliminate hospital tiering, so employees and their eligible dependents can access any hospital in the network at one coinsurance rate; and eliminate coinsurance for inpatient delivery, after enrollment in the Healthy Moms program.
  1. PERSCare, PERS Choice and PERS Select: Copayments for urgent care and specialist office visits will increase from $20 to $35.
  1. PERS Select: Doctor visits will decrease to $10. 

Dental Plans

San Jose State continues to offer both a DHMO and PPO dental plan. Please refer to the Evidence of Coverage (EOC) booklets for a complete explanation of the benefits covered within each dental plan, as well as limitations and exclusions that apply. These documents, along with additional information on the dental plans, can be reviewed online through the Delta Dental Website. Premiums for dental plans will continue to be fully paid by the CSU, with no cost to the employee.

Delta Dental PPO Enhancements

Effective January 1, 2019, the following enhancements will be offered to employees and their dependents enrolled in the PPO Plans (excludes Premier network and out of network providers): 

  • Diagnostic and Preventative Waiver: Diagnostic and preventative services (i.e.,
    cleanings and exams) will no longer count towards the benefit annual maximum.
  • SmileWay Benefit: Enhanced coverage will be added for enrollees with gum disease associated with a number of diagnosed systemic conditions (diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis or stroke). This enhanced coverage includes 100% coverage for one periodontal scaling and root planning and 100% coverage for four (any combination of) cleanings or periodontal maintenance.

New Dedicated Customer Service Numbers for PPO and DHMO Plans

To enhance CSU employee experience when contacting either Delta Dental or DeltaCare USA, new CSU dedicated phone numbers will be available effective January 1, 2019. Delta Dental will be updating its materials and website to reflect this change by the end of the year.

  • Delta Dental PPO Customer Service Number: (800) 626-3108
  • Delta Care USA Customer Service Number: (844) 519-8751

Vision Services Plan (VSP)

Employees may purchase Vision Service Plan (VSP) Premium coverage as an enhancement to the basic coverage. The VSP Premier plan offers a higher level of benefits for lenses, contact and frames.

See VSP Member Plan Summary to compare: VSP Member Plan Summary (.pdf)

Employees may enroll in the VSP Premium Plan by calling (800) 400-4569 or online at during Open Enrollment. (Employees will continue to be automatically enrolled in employer paid VSP Basic Plan.)

Premiums for the VSP Basic Plan will continue to be fully paid by CSU for employees and their dependents. If an employee enrolls in the VSP Premier plan, all benefits eligible dependents must also be enrolled or they will be removed from the basic plan.

Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) & Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA)

Important reminder: Employees who wish to continue to participate in the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account (DCRA) and/or Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) plan(s) for 2019 must re-enroll annually during open enrollment. You must submit your elections via during the open enrollment period.

The 2019 annual maximum contribution for the Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) increased to $2,650 ($220.83 per month). The HCRA plan offers participants the ability to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. Also, all employees who are currently using the ASI Benny Card will be issued the new ASIFlex visa debit card by mid January 2019. Employees must submit the Flexible Spending Plan (FSA) Debit Card Request Form (.pdf) directly to ASIFlex to enroll in the debit card. For more information please review the HCRA Brochure (.pdf) (requires SJSUOne/CSU login)

The 2019 annual maximum contribution for the Dependent Care Reimbursement Account is $5,000. This plan allows eligible employees the ability to pay for qualifying out-of-pocket dependent care expense with pre-tax dollars. Employees may elect a monthly deduction amount of as little as $20 per month up to a maximum of $416.66 per month. For more information, please review the DCRA brochure (.pdf) (requires SJSUOne/CSU login) 

Important Links

Voluntary Benefit Plans

Information regarding voluntary benefit plans and how to enroll can be found below and at CSYou Voluntary Insurance and Benefit Programs (requires SJSUOne/CSU login)  - 

Employees have the option to enroll in several types of voluntary insurance and benefit plans. These plans are entirely employee paid:

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

  • Accidental death & dismemberment plan, offered by The Standard, pays a benefit to the employee or his/her selected beneficiary in the event of death due to an accident or dismemberment at a benefit level selected by the employee.
  • Offered to all regular benefits eligible CSU employees. Coverage for eligible dependents available at an additional cost.
  • Eligible employees can enroll at any time during the year and will not be subject to Evidence of Insurability.

For more information go to or contact The Standard customer service at 1-800-378-5745. To apply, make changes, or review benefits log in at

Auto and Home Insurance

  • Auto and Home insurance is offered to all CSU employees, excluding Rehired Annuitants and Students, at a discounted rate through California Casualty. Coverage for eligible dependents available at an additional cost.
  • Participants in the plan are provided with a free identity theft benefit known as ID Defense.
  • All policies are written for a 12-month period.

For more information or to apply, contact California Casualty customer service at 1-866-680-5142 or go to

Group Critical Illness Plan

  • Group critical illness plan, offered by Aflac, provides a lump-sum payment to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses and costs associated with life-changes following the diagnosis of a covered critical illness.
  • Offered to all CSU employees, excluding Rehired Annuitants, Special Consultants, Hourly Intermittent employees and Students. Coverage is available for eligible dependents.
  • Employee must be covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

For more information or to apply, contact Aflac at 1-800-433-3036 or go to To file a claim or for customer service call 1-800-433-3036.

CalPERS Long-Term Care Plan

  • Long-term care plans cover certain services provided in a setting other than an acute care unit of a hospital, such as a nursing home, residential care facility, adult day care center or in the home, according to the plan selected.
  • A person requires long-term care when he or she needs help with two or more of the six Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring (moving in and out of a bed, chair or wheelchair), eating or continence.
  • Three plans to choose from: (a) comprehensive, (b) facilities only, and (c) partnership.
  • Offered to all CalPERS employees, spouses, parents, parents-in-law and siblings (age 18 and older).
  • Entirely employee-paid.
  • Contact the CalPERS Long-Term Care Program at 1-800-908-9119.

Voluntary Long-Term Disability (LTD)

  • Voluntary Long-Term Disability plan, offered by The Standard, provides loss of income protection (up to 60%) due to a qualified disability.
  • All benefits eligible employees who are not eligible for the CSU-paid LTD plan may apply.
  • Two plans are offered, one with a 30-day and one with a 90-day waiting period.

For more information go to or contact The Standard customer service at 1-800-378-5745. To apply, make changes, or review benefits log in at

MetLaw® Legal Plan

  • MetLaw® plan, offered by MetLife, covers representation for many personal legal services for employees and their eligible dependents.
  • Offered to CSU employees, excluding Rehired Annuitants, Special Consultants, Hourly Intermittent employees and Students. Eligible dependents are covered at no additional cost.
  • Members are required to remain in the plan for a full benefit plan year.
  • Covered legal services performed by a Network attorney are fully paid for by the plan. Out-of-Network attorney fees for covered services are reimbursed based on a set fee schedule.

For more information or to apply, contact MetLife customer service at 1-800-438-6388 or go to​

Retiree/FERP Health Plan Changes

CalPERS is your health benefits officer. You can make changes online through my|CalPERS during the open enrollment period. If you don't have a username and password, register now for immediate access to your account. Then follow the instructions in Changing Your Health Coverage (.pdf). You can also contact CalPERS Health Benefits to make Open Enrollment changes or visit the CSU retiree website for more information. 

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