Annual Filing and Training

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Newly Appointed: CSU employees in designated positions are notified of their requirement to file and take training by the university's Conflict of Interest Officer. Employees must file a Form 700: 2018/2019 Statement of Economic Interests (.pdf) within 30 days of being appointed to a designated position.

Annual Filing: SJSU employees in designated positions are required to file a Form 700: 2018/2019 Statement of Economic Interests (.pdf) each April 1. The university’s Conflict of Interest Administrator is responsible for notifying all employees who must file.


Employees in a designated Conflict of Interest positions must complete ethics training within 6 months of assuming the designated position. Training is also required every two years thereafter. This is web based training and may be taken from any computer with Internet access. The Conflict of Interest Program Administrator is responsible for notifying employees of this training requirement. This training course is specifically designed for CSU employees and is required by state law.

How to Take the Online Training

The Conflict of Interest Administrator will register employees required to take this course.  Employees will receive an email from confirming enrollment. Course will take thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes to complete. Please make sure course is completed by the prescribed date.

Follow these steps to get started with Conflict of Interest training:

Log in to CSULearn Training

  1. Sign in to
  2. Enter your employee id and password
  3. Search for CSULearn & make it a favorite
  4. Click on Assigned Learning
  5. Select CSU Conflicts of Interest course
  6. Get started with training course

If you believe you are in a designated position and have not received notification, please contact Magdalena Carrera, Conflict of Interest Administrator at 924-2256.