Exit Interviews

An Exit Interview is scheduled when a staff employee resigns, retires, or is nearing the end of a temporary appointment. Once the Employee Support Services Representative has been notified that a termination is pending, the representative will reach out to the employee either via email or telephone to set the appointment for the last physical day that the employee is actually working on campus. Employees are requested to submit all absences and have them approved for the Pay Period that they are exiting in by a specific date. This is calculated by the amount of time needed to process the termination transaction and to allow Payroll adequate time to process and notify the State Controller’s Office so that we may provide a final check to the employee on their exit day.

The Exit Interviews are generally scheduled in the afternoon (mornings are also available upon request). This is to allow ample time for the employee to have the Employee Clearance Form (DocuSign) signed off by the Lock Shop, Parking Services, Contract & Purchasing Services (Procurement & Support Services), University Library, and their own department as well. The Clearance Form should be completed in its entirety prior to the employee’s exit interview in University Personnel.

The Employee Support Services Representative and the exiting employee will go over the HR section together during the meeting. The employee will be asked to confirm their current address and update it if needed. In most cases, the employee will also meet with their Benefits Representative directly after the Exit Interview for any final questions that they may have in regard to their Benefits