Request to Use Clark 547


University Personnel manages Clark 547 for the primary purpose of training SJSU employees. Requests for reservations are required in advance, as the room is frequently used. The room is not available outside of normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). Review the Requirements, Conditions and Agreement to use the room then complete all the fields of the form that follows to request use of Clark 547. Contact the UP Learning and Development Team  prior to your room reservation date for the lock code or to make arrangements for the room to be opened for you

Requirements, Conditions & Agreement:

Facility Cleanup Requirements

The room should be left in its original condition and tables and chairs should be arranged in their original configuration. Please use the Cleaning Checklist, posted by the door, and ensure the tables and counters are wiped down, the whiteboards are cleaned (not just erased), and all garbage thrown away. Cleaning supplies are located in the cabinets for your convenience. Failure to clean the facility may result in your group being denied usage in the future.


Food and drinks are allowed in the room. You are responsible for catering pickups after your event.

Computer Usage

Clark 547 is equipped with a laptop on Windows 7. It is connected to an overhead projector, speakers and the internet. Bring a flash drive with your files or download them from Google Drive. All downloaded files must be deleted from the laptop before you leave and no software may be installed on this computer without prior permission from University Personnel. Do not disconnect the computer from the projector. If you must use your own computer, please notify Tamela Sullivan ahead of time so she can coordinate with the technical team.

Ensure the laptop, projector, and speakers are turned off before you leave and that the computer/projector configuration is returned to its original state. Do not leave the slide advancer (clicker) plugged into the laptop.

See the Computer and Projector Instructions posted by the laptop for additional information.


I understand that by using Clark 547 I accept responsibility for the cost of repairs and/or replacement for any lost or damaged contents of the room caused by my invited participants or me. I understand that I am responsible for cleaning the room and returning it to its original state.

Availability of Clark 547 is not guaranteed. Please email us using the link below and include the following information:

  1. Your Name and Phone Number
  2. Department Name
  3. Date(s) Requested
  4. Times for Each Date

Request to Use Clark 547

We will notify you within three business days as to whether or not the room is available and if we can confirm the reservation.