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May 2019 Edition

Volume 2 Issue 3 

From the desk of the Senior Associate Vice President,
Joanne Wright…

As Spring Semester 2019 comes to a close I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. James Lee as the new Senior Director for Faculty Affairs. We were fortunate to have an excellent pool of internal candidates for this position, reminding me of the outstanding talent we have at SJSU. Dr. Lee will join University Personnel on May 13 and will have oversight of a number of faculty processes including RTP, Faculty Recruitment, and Sabbaticals. In addition, he will serve on my Leadership Team and play an integral role in University Personnel. Dr. Lee has been on campus for over ten years and brings with him a wealth of experience as a tenured faculty member, a Department Chair, and a member of the Academic Senate. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Lee to the team.

In our recent forum, The UP Side LIVE!, I spoke about the Four Pillars of University Personnel and what we are doing to support Transformation 2030. Our goals are to 1) Be an employer of choice and 2) Enable employees to be exceptional. Our Four Pillars will help us achieve these goals.

  1. Customer Service: Serving our customers/clients with confidentiality and care
  2. Communication: Communicating effectively with UP and to our constituents about processes, policies, and updates; providing opportunities for stakeholders to engage on issues of importance
  3. Collaboration: Working with our business partners on campus and assisting them in serving the mission of SJSU; bringing together exceptional people through engagement
  4. Connection: Connecting to the campus and the greater community; building sustained connections and relationships with on- and off-campus stakeholders

In the coming weeks our campus will be filled with students in caps and gowns, fulfilling their dreams of graduating college, supported by their families and friends. It’s a special time of year and reminds us all of why we are here. Congratulations, graduates! And thank you to our excellent faculty and staff who do so much to ensure that our students succeed.

This will be our last newsletter until the Fall and I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy summer. While many of our faculty will be leaving campus for the summer months, most of our staff - and some faculty - will continue working. I hope everyone has time to enjoy the warmer days and has time to relax before the new academic yera begins in August. Until next time...

Employee Benefits and Services Fair - Coming Fall 2019!
CalPERS, along with our CSU health benefits providers, as well as the SJSU Benefits Team and many other vendors, will be at the Employee Benefits and Services Fair Tuesday, September 24, from 10:00 am-2:00 pm in the Student Union Ballroom. Mark your calendars now so you can stop by and discuss any questions you have about coverage or Open Enrollment changes.

Open Enrollment dates for 2019 have not yet been announced. Stay tuned for more information.

Temporary Faculty Processing and Support

As you know, Employee Support Services is the first point of contact for the processing of temporary faculty paperwork, including appointments for Lecturers, GAs and TAs. Your ESS Representatives are assigned as follows: 

  • Crystal Mercado; ext. 4-2023: College of Education, College of Health and Human Sciences
  • Juliana Banuelos; ext. 4-1703: College of Business, College of Humanities & the Arts
  • Lien Nguyen; ext. 4-2140: Athletics, College of Engineering, College of Professional & Global Education
  • Sharon Austin; ext. 4-2153: University Library, College of Science, College of Social Sciences, Counseling

In addition, the HRIS team is now responsible for all training and troubleshooting of the temporary faculty processes in PeopleSoft. Training courses will be scheduled monthly but we will also schedule one-on-one sessions if needed. We also plan to host open labs during peak processing times. Notices for these training and open lab sessions will be sent to the UP Info & Announcements Group. Please make sure you join so you don’t miss anything.

The HRIS team members responsible for these processes are:

  • Ken Guzzetta
  • Julia Chan

You can reach any member of the team using our HRIS email:

Mark Your Calendars - Free Flu Shots Coming This Fall!

Flu season will be here before we know it. Did you know? Every flu season is different, and influenza infection can affect people differently, but millions of people get the flu every year. Hundreds of thousands of people are hospitalized annually which is why you want to ensure those around you are protected from flu. 

We have once again partnered with Kaiser Permanente to provide free flu shots to our employees. When registration is available, we will email the UP Info & Announcements Group with details, but mark your calendars for October 23 and 24 so you don’t miss out on this great benefit. Your medical insurance does not have to be through Kaiser to participate. 

Spotlight on...

Benefits, Leave, and Payroll 

The offices for Benefits, Leave, and Payroll are located in UP South (UPD 3rd Floor).

The primary function for the Benefits team is to ensure all eligible employees are able to enroll in benefits in a timely fashion. They meet with employees to discuss options for medical, dental and vision coverage, and retirement. They are also the primary liaison with the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).

The Leave team is responsible for counseling employees on the leave options that are available to them. In addition, they work with employees and managers to ensure smooth transitions when employees leave and return. 

The primary function for the Payroll team is to ensure all employees are paid accurately and timely. They also process hours worked for student and hourly employees, as well as absences for all eligible employees. They are the primary liaison with the State of California Controller’s Office and oversee all payments made through the state system.

Get to know the team!

Pictured from L to R: Amar Sidhu, Reuben Soto, Linda May, Anita Vasquez, Teri Reuck, Maria Rocha, Kevin Jones, Manuel Gudino, Kathleen Sao, Marie Garcia;
Not Pictured: Molly Marquez, Ligaya Barber; Photo by Ken Guzzetta


Anita Vasquez - Director, Benefits and Payroll
Anita just celebrated 24 years at SJSU. She began working in the President’s Office as a receptionist in 1995 and moved on to Payroll in 1996 and, as Anita says, “The rest is history!” The Payroll unit merged with HR in 2001 which allowed Anita to continue her career growth.  “Customer service is important to me and working in Payroll and Benefits allows me to educate our customers regarding their pay, benefits and eventually our awesome retirement plan!” Did you know? Anita loves to bake for friends and family and also collects records. “I have a huge collection of 45's and albums.” Her favorite food is salmon, grilled or baked.

Kathleen Sao - Leave Program Manager
Kathleen came to SJSU in 2015 for the opportunity to work for an organization that “...has a positive impact on California's economy and workforce.” She also loves that SJSU has a vibrant culture that celebrates diversity, works toward improving sustainability, and supports one another. As the Leave Program Manager, Kathleen has the opportunity to help many people, which is something she enjoys. Did you know? Kathleen’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches consist of nutella and strawberry jelly. “You're welcome!” Outside of those sandwiches, her favorite food is Samoan palusami and taro.

Molly Marquez - Faculty Leave Analyst
Molly’s previous company downsized significantly and she was laid off. Shortly thereafter she took a temporary position in Journalism & Mass Communications on campus and realized that “I really and truly enjoyed the college environment, the hustle and bustle and the interaction among students and staff." She was hired by Justice Studies and moved to Faculty Affairs three years later to learn more about the administration of the university. She has since moved around within UP and loves the interaction with faculty. Did you know? Molly is an open water scuba diver and once sat in a cage with two Bengal tigers! Her favorite food is “a Mexican dish called ‘chicken mole’” She says her mom’s was the best and it’s hard to duplicate in a restaurant.

Marie Garcia - Benefits Services Lead
Marie started at SJSU in May of 2001 and has worked in several positions in HR/UP: Front Desk Receptionist, Personnel Assistant, Benefits Assistant, and her current role as Benefits Lead. She has over 18 years in the department. “I enjoy working and interacting with staff and faculty relating to benefits and retirement.” Did you know? Marie loves trying new foods and restaurants. She doesn’t have just one favorite food. “I have many! But if I had to narrow it down I'd go with lasagna, a cheeseburger, and authentic Mexican food.”

Linda May - Benefits Representative
Linda joined SJSU in 2011 as a temporary front desk representative in Human Resources. After her 3 months were up she got another temp job in Accounts Payable where she was hired permanently and stayed until March 2019. She recently came back to her HR roots and joined University Personnel as the new Benefits Services Representative. Did you know? Linda married her high school sweetheart “who just happened to be the boy next door,” and her parents still live next door to her in-laws. Linda’s favorite food is Mexican.

Reuben Soto - Benefits Representative
Reuben is a lifelong resident of the Spartan/Keys neighborhood, and, in his words, “It only seemed right that I applied for employment at SJSU. It was a great way to show my support and service to my community.” Reuben has worked at SJSU for a little over 18 years, all of that time in Human Resources/University Personnel. Did you know? Reuben was in a baby contest at age 3 in 1978 and won. “I was the King of Santa Clara County for that year.” Reuben’s favorite food is Pho Ga.

Teri Reuck - Payroll Services Lead
Teri first came to SJSU in 1991. She tried to leave once but only stayed away a year or so then came back to campus. “I was looking for a job with stability and longevity; 25 years later I'm still here. Guess I found it!”  Did you know? Teri and her husband have a 1940 Ford Deluxe and her favorite food is Mexican.

Amar Sidhu - Senior Payroll Representative
Amar will be employed with SJSU for 12 years on May 31st, her whole career spent as part of the payroll team. She previously worked at Agnews Developmental Center as a payroll specialist. Agnews was closed after 152 years and she chose to work at SJSU in order to continue her service with the State of California. Did you know? Amar likes to cook all kinds of food and loves to travel around the world. Her favorite food is Italian.

Ligaya Barber - Payroll Representative
Ligaya has been in the Payroll Unit almost 19 years. She has a Bachelor of Science with a minor in Accounting, “...which led to my current position as a Payroll Representative.” Did you know? Ligaya works at the SAP Center in her spare time, which allows her to see free concerts, Sharks games, and sometimes gives her the opportunity to talk to celebrities. Her favorite food is Thai.

Manuel Gudino - Payroll Representative
Manuel was a part-time student at SJSU prior to working on campus. A job opening was available in HR in 2007; “I applied and have been here since.”  Did you know? Manuel is a fraternal twin and as far as his favorite food, Manuel had this to say: “Too many favorites. Hey, it’s the Bay Area!”

Kevin Jones - Payroll Representative
In 2008 CVS acquired Longs Drug Stores which led to layoffs in the Longs Corporate Offices in 2009. While searching for a new job Kevin saw the SJSU payroll position online. “The position was a lot closer to home and with my past experience working in payroll I thought it would be a fit.” Kevin joined the SJSU team in 2010. Did you know? Kevin has an identical twin and his favorite food is strawberry funnel cake.

Maria Rocha - Payroll Representative
Maria worked for many years as an Accounts Payable clerk and “...decided it was time to move on and expand my knowledge in the financial/payroll area.” She wanted to gain more experience in a large organization like SJSU “...where you can take classes for free and also have great benefits.” Maria has been with the University for three years. Did you know? Maria danced in a folklore group between the ages of 5 and 9. She moved on to aerobic dances in middle school then returned to folk dancing in high school. “I love dancing!!!” She will eat seafood anytime.

Did you know all Faculty and Staff can attend Spartan 101? If you want to learn more about SJSU’s mission and vision, hear from staff in Equal Opportunity, Campus Safety, Spartan Athletics, Transportation Solutions and Campus Recreation, then attend Spartan 101. Spartan 101 is held regularly throughout the year and is a great opportunity to connect with important campus resources and to meet and network with fellow Spartans. To register, contact Tamela Sullivan at

This Spartan Stepped Beyond...



“Jason was delivering a large and heavy package that didn’t even look like it would fit through the door. Jason went out of his way to figure out how to move it to our desired location instead of leaving it behind for us to deal with. (We were at a complete loss of what to do.) Thank you Jason for going above and beyond your delivery requirements!!” - Anonymous



Visit Spartans Stepping Beyond on the UP website to see more recognitions and Recognize a Fellow Spartan Today!

Ergonomics and You




Ergonomics is used to prevent discomfort and injury associated with repetitive motions, unchanging and/or poor postures, and forceful motions or grips on objects. Visit Ergonomics on the UP website for more information.

Did you know?

The University offers a free ergonomic software program that helps prevent computer related injuries. Stretch Break gently reminds you to take periodic breaks while using your computer and gives you stretches for each break to help prevent injury. This software can be installed on your work and home computers.

Get started by clicking Stretch Break Software Request.


Self-assess your workspace:

Additional resources:

To request an ergonomic evaluation of your workstation, contact Anita Vasquez in University Personnel:

Thanks to everyone who attended our inaugural open forum, The UP Side LIVE! The presentation is now available to view and includes the questions answered during the session. Our next event will take place this Fall.

View the presentation: The UP Side LIVE! Presentation and Q & A

UP Staffing Updates

  • Dr. James Lee joined the Leadership Team as the Senior Director, Faculty Affairs.
  • Océane Brouard joined UP as a temporary Employee Support Services Representative.
  • Thanh-Minh Nguyen moved from Faculty Affairs to HRIS and is now located in UP South (UPD 3rd Floor). Her responsibilities have not changed.

See the full Organizational Chart on our website.

UP Info & Announcements Google Group
Are you missing out on University Personnel training and event announcements? Want to learn about new employee discounts or other general UP information? Join the UP Info & Annoucement Group! Once you’ve joined you can view previous messages and stay on top of what’s happening in University Personnel. Don’t miss out!

The following jobs were recently opened for recruitment:

  • Conference Specialist - Housing Business Services
  • Facilities Control Specialist - Facilities Development & Operations
  • Guardian Scholars Program Coordinator - Education Opportunity Program
  • Regulatory Compliance Specialist - College of Professional & Global Education
  • Assistant Director for Campus Programming and Leadership Development - Student Involvement

The following jobs are currently open to SJSU employees only:

  • Department Webmaster - University Personnel
  • Associate Vice President for Business Services - Finance
  • Associate Director for Finance Support and Innovation - Finance

Upcoming Training & Events 

Thur, Jun 20, 9:30 - 3:30                          Savings Plus 401K/457 1x1 appointments
Please contact Victor Tawn at
Thur, Jun 20, 10:00 - 11:30 Developing Decision Making Skills (TRSD32 #0003)
Thur, Jul 18, 10:00 - 12:00 Empowering Your Life Through Change (TRHW30 #0001)
Thur, Jul 25, 1:15 - 2:15 Savings Plus 401k/457 Financial Workshop
Please contact Victor Tawn at
Tues, Aug 13, 1:00 - 2:00 International Student Advising for Faculty & Staff (TRCR73 #0003)
Thur, Aug 15, 9:30 - 3:30 Savings Plus 401K/457 1x1 appointments
Please contact Victor Tawn at
Thur, Aug 22, 10:00 - 11:30 Communicating Cooperatively at Work (TRSD25 #0002)
Fri, Aug 23, 10:00 - 12:00 QPR: Three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide Training (TRHW28 #0004)

If you are interested in a course but are not able to attend the scheduled date, it’s possible that it will be offered again next semester. To register for an upcoming session, log into one.SJSU and click the Enroll in Training Classes (Employees) tile. If you don’t see the tile, enter "training" in the search bar and select it from the results.

Once on the page:

  1. Click Search by Course Number
  2. Enter the course number (case sensitive) and click Search
  3. Click View Available Session(s)
  4. Click the Session Number 
  5. Click Enroll

Visit the University Personnel Website

The University Personnel website is the best way to find information for faculty, staff and student employees as well as those individuals looking to begin or continue their career in the Spartan community. You can find the department’s Org Chart and Directory by Function, Forms & Policies, Resources, and an extensive help section (How Do I…?) containing Q & A, quick steps and tutorials.


Email University Personnel

Join/View the University Personnel Information & Announcements User Group for updates from your UP team!

Mailing address: SJSU HR, One Washington Square, San Jose, CA, 95192, US
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