Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base

The Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base (PRTB) program allows eligible faculty to work less than full time while still earning full service credit toward retirement for up to five years prior to taking retirement. This program affords faculty a transition period whereby they move from full-time employment to full-time retirement. (To compare PRTB to another transitional program, also see Faculty Early Retirement (FERP) program).

Eligibility for Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base

  • Tenured faculty who are at least 55 years of age and not yet 65 years of age at the time they request entry into PRTB (or not yet 64 years of age if a member of STRS) are eligible to enter the program if they satisfy the following conditions:
    • The faculty unit employee has worked full-time in the CSU for at least ten (10) years
    • S/he has been employed full-time continuously for the five (5) years immediately preceding entry into the PRTB program.
  • Participants in PRTB may request a reduction in timebase to two-thirds (2/3), one-half (1/2), or one-third (1/3) of full-time for the academic year. Once the reduction has been granted, the participant may not return to full-time employment unless the President approves a request to return to full-time employment.
  • Entry into the program begins at the start of the academic year.
  • The maximum length of time one can participate in PRTB is five consecutive years
  • Both the CSU and the faculty unit employee continue to make contributions to PERS or STRS based upon the regular full-time rate of pay. This way, participants in PRTB continue to earn full service credit toward retirement while working a reduced schedule.
  • Faculty who wish to enter PRTB must notify the President in writing, via the Office of Faculty Affairs, at least six (6) months in advance, so that departments have sufficient time to plan course assignments.
  • PRTB participants are ineligible for sabbatical and difference in pay leaves.
  • Sick leave accrues on a pro rata basis.
  • As with regular full-time employment, PRTB participants are paid in twelve monthly payments.

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