What is Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI)?


What is NDI and when can I use it?



NDI is Non-Industrial Disability Insurance, and is administered through the Employment Development

Department (EDD).  It is a short-term disability program provided by the California State University system for the majority of its employees.  NDI must be certified by a doctor and can only be used for an employee's own illness.  An application for NDI can be requested through the Leave Program Manager. For each absence, there is a 7 day unpaid waiting period before benefits begin. The amount you will receive while on NDI varies by collective bargaining agreement.

  • Must be a member of CalPers
  • Must exhaust all available sick leave
  • Maximum benefit is 26 weeks (182 calendar days)
  • Deductions taken are Social Security & Medicare taxes, Union Dues, Parking Fees and Health benefit premiums  (voluntary benefit premiums if applicable)
  • Employees do not earn sick/vacation accruals or state service credit while on NDI

Additional information about this program can be found at the Leave Programs website under the link Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI)