Change in Benefits due to a Life Event

  1. Log into SJSU @ Work
  2. Navigate to Self Service > Benefits > Life Events
  3. Select the type of life event that has occurred then follow the steps to submit the changes
  4. Add or Remove Dependents/Gain or Loss of Alternate Coverage/Update Marital Status
    1. Select the life event
    2. Enter the event date of the life event (e.g. date of birth, date of adoption, date of marriage, etc.)
    3. Review the chart of what you can/can’t change for the life event
    4. Click Continue
    5. Enter your marital status, whether or not it has changed
    6. Select the applicable options for Medical/Medical Flex Cash, Dental/Dental Flex Cash, and Flex Spending Accounts
    7. Review existing dependents to remove coverage or click the Add New Dependent link, if applicable
      1. Complete all required fields for the dependent
      2. Click Save
      3. Click Cancel to return to the main page
      4. For each dependent, and for each type of coverage, select the appropriate action (Add/No Change/Remove)
    8. Click Continue
    9. Review the required supporting documents list, as well as the disclosures and privacy notice; indicate that you’ve read them
    10. Sign and submit
  5. Your Benefit Representative will contact you if there are any questions and to collect the appropriate documentation for your life event