CHRS Recruiting

CHRS Recruiting

The California State University is implementing a new recruiting software throughout the system, and SJSU has been selected to be in the third wave of implementation. We will kick the project off this month and go live in May of 2020. This page will be used to post updates about the project and information about training once the time arrives.

What is CHRS Recruiting?
CHRS stands for Common Human Resources System and the selected recruiting software is PageUp. The new software will provide more streamlined functionality for faculty and staff recruitments, including temporary faculty, and will allow the campus and the entire CSU system to have more consistent processes. The video below provides a high-level overview of what the new software can do.

The CSU Chancellor's Office has created several videos demonstrating various functionality in the CHRS Recruiting system. Please note, these demos may not be reflective of the final SJSU version of the software but should give you a glimpse of what's coming.

SJSU Project Status

  • Current status: System Configuration

CHRS Recruiting Teams at SJSU


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