Bonuses and Stipends


A bonus is a lump-sum payment that is not a permanent increase to the base salary of the individual and may be granted at the discretion of the President. No portion of a bonus is PERS-able. A bonus may be given monthly for an identified period of time or may be done as a one-time transaction. Only an Appropriate Administrator may request a bonus.

It is important to review the appropriate Collective Bargaining Agreement(s) for the valid reasons a bonus may be given. It is critical to make the criteria for earning a bonus known to all employees once approved by Classification & Compensation.

Contact to review the criteria and discuss the appropriate steps to take to announce and grant a bonus.



At the decision of the Campus President or designee, an employee may receive a monthly stipend when assigned, for a limited period of time, additional work or special projects over and above their regularly assigned duties or required to maintain contact with their campus outside of their normal working hours on a regular basis. Please note, only employees in UAPD, CSUEU and SUPA are eligible for stipends. 

The request for a stipend should be submitted BEFORE the additional work is assigned. Send the appropriate form (based on union) to