Tuition Fee Waiver for Teaching Associates

The employment of Teaching Associates provides graduate students with an opportunity to gain supervised teaching experience in fields related to their advanced study, while simultaneously maintaining the highest possible standards of undergraduate instruction. In recognition of their important contribution to the University, San José State University provides a Teaching Associate Fee Waiver.


Graduate students shall be enrolled in a minimum of three units of coursework per semester and in “classified status” in a graduate program of study. For one semester only, students who have already served as a TA who are enrolled in fewer than three units are also eligible for employment. The student should be enrolled in at least one unit or be in the process of completing a Satisfactory Progress (SP) grade.

All Teaching Associates shall work under the close supervision of a faculty member, and the school/department/program employing them. Students shall have had a course or workshop leading to competency in teaching in the discipline, or teaching experience, prior to working as a Teaching Associate.

Matriculated graduate students who are appointed as Teaching Associates at San José State University are granted fee waivers of mandatory state tuition fee and mandatory campus miscellaneous fees during the semester in which they are teaching.

  • The fee waiver covers 1-6 units for a hiring time base of 0.10 to 0.20 or more than 6 units for a hiring time base above 0.20. 
  • You can find the list of current fees on the Bursar’s Office website. The waiver grid below is for Fall 2019.


  Time Base = 0.1-0.2  Time Base > 0.2 
  Fees Waived* You Pay Fees Waived* You Pay
$3,137 $2 $3,137 $2
$3,137 $1,508 $4,643 $2

*Fees waived include: Tuition Fee (full or partial, depending on your time base), Associated Students Fee, Student Union Fee, Health Center Facility Fee, Document Fee, SSETF-IRA Fee, SSETF-Course Fee, SSETF-Student Success Fee, and Health Center Ops Fee.


Note that the following fees are NOT waived:


Fee waiver applications are processed in the order received.

NOTE: You must pay your fees by the due date to avoid your classes being dropped. The Bursar’s Office will reimburse your fees after the last day to add courses.

Please refer to the appropriate semester Registration Calendar for the exact date. If you cannot pay your tuition in full, you may contact the Bursar’s Office at (408) 924-1601 or



The Teaching Associate Fee Waiver Application (.pdf) must be routed via the Teaching Associate’s hiring department for processing.