URBP 298A Information


URBP 298A Syllabus, Spring 2014 [.pdf] 

Class meeting times for Spring 2014 (subject to change with notice)

The class will meet on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 - 10:00 p.m.  The meeting dates will be January 28, February 4, February 11, February 25, and April 22.

Assignments for Spring 2014

Here are some sample proposals written by URBP 298 students that will give you some ideas of how to construct your own: Billing [.pdf]

  • Preparation of an IRB application (assignment #3)

    For more information about the IRBP process, please see the information below for Class 3.

Key due dates for Spring 2014

Assignment Due Date
1. Draft #1 of Research Proposal  Feb. 11
2. Draft #2 of Research Proposal  Feb. 25
3. IRB Application  Mar. 4
4. Final Research Proposal  Mar. 11
5. Draft Literature Review  Mar. 18
6. Final Literature Review  April 15
7. Draft report sections  May 13

Class meeting topics and handouts for Spring 2014 (subject to change with notice)

January 28 - Class 1

Lecture: Introductions; overview of the 298 process and 298A syllabus; explanation of the research proposal assignment, selecting research methods.

February 4 - Class 2

Lecture: Conducting interviews; citation formatting; peer feedback on draft proposals.

February 11 - Class 3

Lecture: Analyzing qualitative data (i.e., interview notes or primary documents); the IRB process; in-class workshop on completing the "candidacy form"

Note: students must bring to class a copy of their unofficial SJSU transcript.

Assignment: Draft #1 of research proposal due



February 25- Class 4

Lecture: How to write a literature review assignment.

Assignment: Draft #2 of research proposal due

March 4: IRB application due
March 11: Final research proposal due (if needed)
March 18: Draft literature review due
April 15: Final literature review due


April 22 - Class 5

Lecture: Review of document design principles; tips on using advanced MS Word features; what to expect in URBP 298B; tips for good report writing.

May 13: Draft report sections (4,000 words of new material) due


Sample 298 reports

See the URBP 298 reports that have received an honors designation:

Resources on Research Methods and Writing

There are many good resources available on the web that can help you to develop your thesis, organize your paper, cite sources properly, and such.  A small subset appears below here.

  • How to Write a Literature Review: This handout from the Writing Center at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill provides a very helpful description of the purpose of a literature view, as well as the steps you take to write one.

  • Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals: This handout from the Olin and Uris Libraries, Cornell University, explains how to identify scholarly or "academic" research.

  • Critical Evaluation of Resources: This handout from the Library at the University of California at Berkeley suggests strategies to evaluate the credibility and usefulness of materials you find on the web or in print.

  • Revising: This handout from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Writing Center suggests strategies for editing and proofreading draft writing.

You will also find many recommended books on writing in the course materials for Asha W. Agrawal's version of URBP 213.  See the suggested readings at the bottom of the URBP 213 course home page and also the required readings on the URBP 213 course syllabus.