URBP 298A Information


URBP 298A Syllabus, Fall 2014 [.pdf] 

Class meeting times for Fall 2014 (subject to change with notice)

The class will meet on Tuesday evenings, from 7:30 - 10:00 p.m.  The meeting dates will be August 26, September 2, September 16, September 23, and November 18.

Assignments for Fall 2014

Research Proposal

Assignment Guidelines [.pdf]

Here are some sample proposals written by URBP 298 students that will give you some ideas of how to construct your own: Billing [.pdf], McDonald [.pdf], Bowyer [.pdf].

IRB Application

See the course syllabus for more information.

IRB example from Professor Kos [.pdf], which uses the current template.

Other examples include:  Salazar example [.pdf], Nixon example [.pdf], Mathur example [.pdf], and Agrawal example [.pdf] Please note that these IRB proposals do not use the current IRB formatting and should only be consulted for ideas regarding language to describe certain research procedures (e.g. the Agrawal example gives an excellent structure for interview guides). Please review the Graduate Studies website for the most up-to-date information on formatting.

Literature Review Assignment

Assignment Guidelines  [.pdf]

Here are well-developed literature reviews written by prior 298 students that may give you ideas of how to construct your own literature review: Carvalho example [.pdf], Anonymous example [.pdf]

Draft Report Sections

See course syllabus for more information.

Key due dates for Fall 2014

Assignment Due Date
1. Draft #1 of Research Proposal  Sept. 9
2. Draft #2 of Research Proposal  Sept. 23
3. IRB Application  Oct. 7
4. Final Research Proposal  Oct. 14
5. Draft Literature Review  Oct. 21
6. Final Literature Review  Nov. 18
7. Draft report sections  Dec. 10

Class meeting handouts for Fall 2014 (subject to change with notice)

August 26 - Class 1 (Asha)

Handouts coming later...

September 2 - Class 2 (Asha)

    1. Tips on Conducting Interviews [.pdf]

September 16 - Class 3 (Hilary)

    1. Tips on Coding & Analyzing Interview Data [.pdf]
    2. Example Candidacy Form [pdf] and link to form on GAPE's website
    3. Link to YouTube videos on IRB process and Analyzing Qualitative Data
    4. Link to IRB Application Form
    5. IRB website with information about IRB process, checklists, and links to the protocol narrative template and example consent forms

September 23 - Class 4 (Asha)

Handouts coming later...

November 18 - Class 5 (Hilary)

Handouts coming later...

Sample 298 reports

See the URBP 298 reports that have received an honors designation: