URBP 298B Information


URBP 298B Syllabus - Fall 2017



Key Due Dates for Fall 2017

1. Statement of Understanding 8/28/17
2. Forms Due to GAPE Office 9/10/17
3. First Full Draft 10/9/17(recommended 10/2/17)
4. Second Full Draft 11/6/17 (recommended 10/30/17)
5. Final Report for Instructor Review [PDF] 12/4/17
6. Finished Report [PDF] 12/11/17
7. Exit Survey Completed 12/8/17


Course Handout

Students preparing their 298 Planning Reports should consult this handout on "Guidelines on How to Structure & Format URBP 298 Planning Reports."

URBP298B Support Groups

Instructions for the 298B Support Groups are here

Sample URBP 298 Reports

Click here to see the full text of all URBP 298 Planning Reports that have received an honors designation, as well as a list of the titles of all reports completed from December 2002 through May 2016.