URBP 298

This page provides information for students enrolled in URBP 298A and URBP 298B with all advisers for Fall 2016 (Agrawal, Kos, and Alexander).

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URBP 298 Syllabi/Greensheets for Spring 2016



Faculty Contact Information and Office Hours for Fall 2016

Asha Agrawal
  • Email: asha.weinstein.agrawal@sjsu.edu
  • Phone: (408) 924-5853
  • Office Location: Washington Square Hall 218A
  • Office Hours: by appointment or email
Richard Kos
  • Email: richard.kos@sjsu.edu
  • Phone: (408) 924-5854
  • Office Location: Washington Square Hall 216C
  • Office Hours: By Appointment in Person or by Phone
Serena Alexander
  • Email: TBA
  • PhoneTBA
  • Office Location: Washington Square Hall 218B
  • Office Hours:TBA




Sample URBP 298 Reports


See the URBP 298 reports that have received an honors designation:


A list of the titles of all URBP 298 reports completed since December 2002 is here.


Resources on Research Methods and Writing

There are many good resources available on the web that can help you to develop your thesis, organize your paper, cite sources properly, and such.  A small subset appears below here:

  • How to Write a Literature Review: This handout from the Writing Center at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill provides a very helpful description of the purpose of a literature view, as well as the steps you take to write one. 
  • Distinguishing Scholarly Journals from Other Periodicals: This handout from the Olin and Uris Libraries, Cornell University, explains how to identify scholarly or "academic" research. 
  • Critical Evaluation of Resources: This handout from the Library at the University of California at Berkeley suggests strategies to evaluate the credibility and usefulness of materials you find on the web or in print. 
  • Revising: This handout from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Writing Center suggests strategies for editing and proofreading draft writing.

You will also find many recommended books on writing in the course materials for Asha W. Agrawal's version of URBP 213.  See the suggested readings at the bottom of the URBP 213 course home page and also the required readings on the URBP 213 course syllabus.