Kevin Fang



PhD, Transportation Technology and Policy – University of California, Davis
Masters of City and Regional Planning and Masters of Science in Engineering (specialization in Transportation Planning) – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Graduate Academic Certificate, Air Quality and Health – University of California, Davis
BA, Integrative Biology – University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Kevin Fang has been teaching in the Department of Urban Regional Planning since 2015. He is also a Staff Research Associate at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and a lecturer for the UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy. His academic and research interests center on sustainable transportation and land use, including alternative transportation modes themselves and the land use policies that enable or prevent their use. In particular, Dr. Fang has conducted exploratory research looking at skateboarding as a niche, emerging mode of transportation. He is also conducting continuing research on changes to traffic impact studies of development projects and forthcoming changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Dr. Fang has presented the results of his work at several national conferences, as well as the Conference of the International Association of Travel Behaviour Research and the International Conference on Transport and Health. A South Bay native, Dr. Fang is an alumnus of Fremont High School in Sunnyvale and a former student under SJSU’s Open University program.

Selected Research

Gudz, E., Fang, K., & Handy, S. (forthcoming, December 2016). When a Diet Prompts a Gain: The Impact of a Road Diet on Bicycling in Davis, CA. Transportation Research Record. Doi:10.3141/2587-08  

Fang, K. & Handy, S. Skate and die? The safety performance of skateboard travel: A look at injury data, fatality data, and operational characteristics. (under initial review, invited submission)

Fang, K. & Handy, S. Skateboarding for transportation: Exploring the factors behind an unconventional mode choice. (under initial review)

Fang, K. & Thigpen, C. Transportation policy at the ballot box. (under initial review) 

Courses Taught

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Land Use Planning and Law

Quantitative Methods

Community Assessment Studio

Planning Report (Proposal Writing/Development/Completion)


Additional teaching experience

Environmental Impact Analysis

Computer Applications for Planning