Faculty & Staff

Full-time Faculty


Agrawal, Asha

Associate Professor


Asha Agrawal


  • Transportation finance
  • Pedestrian and bicycle planning
  • Travel behavior and public opinion surveys
  • Transportation and planning history

Office: WSQ 218A

Phone: 408-924-5853

Email: asha.weinstein.agrawal@sjsu.edu


Kos, Richard

Lecturer, Practitioner-in-Residence


Richard Kos
  • ArcGIS software and geospatial analysis
  • Community planning studios
  • Collaborative neighborhood planning

Office: WSQ 218C

Phone: 408-924-5854

Email: richard.kos@sjsu.edu


Mathur, Shishir



Shishir Mathur
  • Urban and real estate economics
  • Housing
  • Public finance
  • Growth management
  • International planning
  • Transportation planning

Office: WSQ 216C

Email: shishir.mathur@sjsu.edu


McLaughlin, Ralph

Assistant Professor


Ralph McLauglin


  • Real Estate development
  • Housing economics
  • Regional science and planning
  • Quantitative methods

Office: WSQ 218B

Phone: 408-924-5860

Email: ralph.mclaughlin@sjsu.edu


On leave for 2014-2015

Nixon, Hilary

 Chair and Associate Professor


Hilary Nixon
  • Environmental planning and policy
  • Transportation and the environment
  • Community-based planning
  • Urban agriculture

Office: WSQ 216D

Phone: 408-924-5852

Email: hilary.nixon@sjsu.edu


Salazar, Dayana



Dayana Salazar

  • Participatory community planning
  • Urban design

Office: WSQ 218C

Phone: 408-924-5854

Email: dayana.salazar@sjsu.edu


Part-time Faculty


Afzalan, Nader




  • Land Use and Environmental Planning
  • Participatory Planning
  • Planning Support Systems
  • Planning Methods
  • Social Network Analysis

Office: WSQ 218C

Phone: 408-924-5882

Email: nader.afzalan@sjsu.edu

Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:00-4:00pm;    by appt.

Berns, Ellis


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Office: WSQ 216A


Brownlow, Greta


Greta Brownlow

 Office: WSQ 218  

Davidson, John


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Office: WSQ 216A

Email: john.davidson@sanjoseca.gov



Eastwood, Rob

Rob Eastwood

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: rob.eastwood@pln.sccgov.org


Kott, Joseph


joseph kott

Office: WSQ 218

Email: joseph.kott@sjsu.edu

Lee, Richard

Richard Lee

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: richard.lee@sjsu.edu


Long, Charles


Charles Long

 Office: WSQ 218  

Moffat, Susan

Susan Moffat

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: moffat.susan@gmail.com


Prevetti, Laural

Laurel Prevetti

Office: WSQ 218

Email: laurel.prevetti@sanjoseca.gove


Ralston, David

David Ralston

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: daoudra1@gmail.com


Riggs, William

William Riggs

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: william.riggs@sjsu.edu


Rivasplata, Charles

Charles Rivasplata

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: charlesrivasplata@yahoo.com


Ross, Steven

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Office: WSQ 216A


Schrader, Renee

Renee Schrader

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: reneeschrader@comcast.net


Serafin, Eduardo

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Office: WSQ 216A

Email: eduardo.serafin@yahoo.com


Sharma, Jasneet


Snider, Kelly

 Kelly Snider

Office: WSQ 218

Email: kelly.snider@sjsu.edu

Jasneet Sharma

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: jasneet.sharma@sjsu.edu


Vasquez, David

David Vasquez

Office: WSQ 216A

Email: dvasquez@aol.com


Wessel, Ginette

Ginette Wessel
  • Urban and Architectural History and Theory
  • Social Issues in Plannning and Design
  • Urban Design & Community Planning
  • Urban Ethnography & Spatial Data Analysis

Office: WSQ 218

Phone: (408) 924-5882

Email: ginette.wessel@sjsu.edu

Webpage: sjurbandesign.com

Office Hours: Thursday,
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Wong, Hing

hing wong

Office: WSQ 218

Email: hingw@abag.ca.gov