Certificate in Real Estate Development

The Certificate in Real Estate Development (CRED) is an, advanced graduate certificate program designed to help current and aspiring real estate developers and city planners prepare for successful real estate development careers.  Students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to initiate, navigate, and manage real estate development projects located in existing communities of Northern California.

The curriculum emphasizes experiential, problem-based learning techniques, such as analysis of local real estate projects, discussions with local real estate professionals, and team-based studio projects that mimic realistic real estate development scenarios.

Jeff Aguilar

With each and every class I could immediately apply what I learned to my career here at CBRE. In all my years of schooling, this was the first time I could make that testatment.

Jeff Aguilar, Land Broker and City of Newark Planning Commissioner

Lillian Hua

The CRED program provided the tools to better understand the nuts and bolts of real estate development. The studio class format, which is unique to the program, enhanced my learning experience because the assignments were typically based on real life development cases.

Lillian Hua, Associate Planner, City of Milipitas