General FAQ

Q: Am I considered a veteran?
A: Men and Women are considered a veteran if they have served in one of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and have been discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.

Q: What is a zero percent (0%) service-connected disability rating??
A: An injury or disease incurred in or aggravated by active military, naval or air service that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has determined to be service-connected, but not severe enough to be compensated. Less than 10 percent is non-compensable.

Fee Waiver/Cal-Vet Fee Waiver Program

Q: What is the tuition fee waiver program?
A: It is a State educational program that is available for dependents and survivors of service-connected, disabled or deceased veterans, it allows them to attend State funded institutions of higher learning tuition free.

Q: My deceased spouse was a disabled veteran, am I eligible for the tuition fee waiver program?
A: Only if he was 100% service-connected disabled, or he died of a service-connected disability. You may also qualify if he died on active duty.

Q: I am eligible for educational benefits from the VA, can I still use the state tuition fee waiver program?
A: If you are a spouse or widow who has not remarried, you cannot use the programs concurrently. If you are a dependent/survivor child you may use both programs concurrently if you can meet the annual income limit, currently set at $7000 this includes any value of support received from a parent or family member.

Q: I have been approved to receive a fee waiver. I have a letter from the VA stating this approval, what do I need to do with this letter in order to get my tuition fees waived?
A: After your County V.A. issues you a letter - Check with the Veteran Services Office to see if we have received the letter as well. If not, you may have to hand deliver a copy of your letter to the Military and Veteran Services Office or email to: maggie.morales@sjsu.edu

Veterans Benefits

Q: What are Dependent's Educational Assistance Benefits?
A: This program also known as Chapter 35, provides education benefits for the spouse and dependent children of veterans who are permanently and totally disabled from service connected causes, veterans who died in service or who died of service connected causes, and certain other veterans and serviceperson's, such as those currently missing in action or captured in the line of duty. This benefit may be used for pursuit of a college degree, courses leading to a certificate or diploma from business, technical or vocational schools, apprenticeship and on-the-job training programs. Benefits for correspondence courses are available to spouses only. The program provides up to 45 months of education or training.

Q: Who is Eligible for the Dependents and Survivors Educational Assistance Program-CH35?
A: This program provides financial aid for the education of a dependent or surviving son, daughter, or spouse of a veteran with a 100% permanent and total service-connected disability who dies from any cause, a service person missing in action or a veteran who is permanently and totally disabled as the result of a service-connected disability. The disability must arise out of active service in the Armed Forces.

Q: I am a new/transfer student; I have/have not received VA benefits before and would like to apply for benefits at this school. What should I do?
A: Apply online through VonApp to obtain your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for benefits. Once you receive your COE, please bring that along with your DD-214 to the Military and Veteran Services Office (ADM 265). Apply via VONAPP

Q: I registered for classes, now what?
A: Once you have registered for classes, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the Military and Veteran Services Office in a timely manner to avoid delays in payment.

Q: I am adding/dropping classes and this will change my enrollment status, what should I do?
A: Changing status means to go from full time to half time, half time to full time, or any other combination (full time is 12 or more units, ¾ time is 9-11 units, 1/2 time is 6-8 units). Ex: If you dropped from 16 to 12 units, which is still at full time, you do not need to do anything. If you added or dropped units that place you in a status other than you reported, you must notify the Certifying Official in the Military and Veteran Services Office to change enrollment certification.

Q: I am changing my major. What do I need to fill out?
A: Fill out a “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training" form. If you are a veteran or a reservist, fill out VA form 22-1995.22-1995 JUL 2012.pdfIf you are a dependent of a veteran, fill out VA form 22-5495. 22-5495 OCT 2011.pdf. Deliver your form to the Military and Veteran Services Office.

Q: How long does it take to get my check after I verify enrollment?
A: The quickest way to receive your payment is by using direct deposit. Your benefit can be deposited into your checking or savings account in 3 to 5 days. If you choose to have a check mailed (not recommended due to delays or losses, which can occur), you can expect payment in 10-14 days. If you are a Serviceperson, Veteran or a Reservist, your Direct Deposit can be started or updated by using the WAVE system.

Q: What is the earliest date to verify my attendance in school?
A: The earliest you can verify your enrollment is the last calendar day of each month. Some things you can do to speed up your payments is to verify your enrollment promptly at the end of each month and sign up for direct deposit, if you have not already done so.