Frequently Asked Questions  

What are the degrees offered in Art, Design, and Animation/Illustration?

San José State University School of Art & Design offers three kinds of undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Arts (BA), the Bachelor of Science (BS), and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). The two graduate degrees available are Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

What is the difference between a BFA and a BA degree?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is for the student seriously interested in a career as a professional artist. BFA programs prepare students for intellectually and aesthetically challenging careers in their field by providing courses that emphasize conceptual thinking and professional practice. The BFA program generally takes one more year than the BA program.

I know that the max transferrable units from a community college that SJSU will accept towards my graduation are 70 units. Which 70 are used? Can I pick and choose which 70 units I want to count?

SJSU only counts 70 units maximum from a community college towards graduation. We do not pick and chose which units we will take. We simply take the bulk number 70 and apply those units towards the total units you need to graduate.

Ex: You took 110 units at DeAnza College and then transferred to SJSU. We will take 70 units from your total units of 110 units earned and apply them towards graduation. The rest of the units you earn towards your degree of 120-135 units must be from SJSU. However, anything you take at the community college that can count for a GE Area or equivalent course for your major will still cover that requirement. We just won't specifically count those units.

What are the class requirements for transfer students?

Transfer agreements differ from school to school, and change over time. Check for document updates often to make sure your units go through. Consult an adviser from your major to confirm transferable credits/courses. Find out more information about classes, and transferring classes, on the university's Transfer Planning page under SJSU Articulation at transfer.sjsu.edu or www.assist.org.

When I look at my Academic Requirements (also known as Degree Progress Report), it's showing that I am missing requirements in my major. I already took those classes at SJSU or the equivalent at a community college, what do I do?

Do not worry about the Major requirement section in your Academic Requirements page. The Graduation unit will use this page only to check off your General Education requirements. The Major form that you submit with your graduation application will be your official contract for graduation and your Graduation Evaluator will use this to create your graduation worksheet. Any changes, substitutions, and/or waivers, should be included on this form prior to submitting the form with your graduation application.