WAC Program Highlights

In our first three years, the Writing Across the Curriculum program:

  • Has offered 8 unique workshops/seminars, a total of 15 times.
  • 6 faculty members have designed, developed, and offered our workshops/seminars.
  • 85 faculty members have participated in our seminars and workshops.

This Fall (Fall 17):

  • We are scheduled to offer 7 different workshops and seminars, led by 5 different faculty members and myself.
  • And sponsor 4 faculty research and resource projects.

With the Writing Center, we've:

  • Hired, trained, placed, and supported 31 Writing Fellows, who have worked with 37 different classes (mostly 100W), helping 925 students improve their writing.
  • Hired, trained, placed, and supported 2 Graduate Writing Fellows (Education and CASA) and are adding a third Graduate Fellow (Mechanical Engineering) this Fall.
  • And this Fall, we will have 4 returning Fellows and 5 new Fellows, who will work with 12 different sections of 100W all across campus.