WAC Program Highlights

WAC Program Highlights – AY17-18
We had a big year this year, offering a variety of workshops and seminars, and supporting a number of research and resource projects. Here are the details:

One-Day “Drop-In” Workshops: 

  • Writing About Current Societal Events and Challenges
  • Reimagining Writing Assignments: A Series of Hands-On Workshops
  • Beginning eCampus Resources for Writing Instructors -- A Series of Four Workshops


Multi-Week Intensive Seminars: 

  • Annotated Bibliography: Addressing Challenges of Writing about Professional Sources
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Advanced eCampus Resources for Writing Instructors -- A Five-Week Seminar
  • Developing Guides to Writing In Your Discipline -- Part 1


Research and Resource Projects:

  • Instructor Guides to Common Multilingual Writing Errors: Mandarin — English, Spanish — English, Vietnamese — English Guide
  • Essential On-The-Job Communication Skills Business Students Should Master: A Syllabus Playbook for New 100WB Instructors 


The Numbers:

  • 6 faculty members developed and delivered workshops and seminars.
  • 5 faculty members proposed and developed research and resource projects.
  • 75 faculty members participated in WAC workshops and seminars.


In total, in our first four years, the Writing Across the Curriculum program:

  • Has offered 14 different workshops/seminars.
  • Has worked with 11 faculty members to design, develop, and offer workshops/seminars.
  • Has worked with 7 faculty members to propose and develop research and resource projects.
  • Has welcomed 160 faculty members at our seminars and workshops.

WAC Research and Resource Project Authors, AY17-18
Laimin Lo

Francisco De La Calle

Ching Ching Tan

Shawn Tran

Michelle Hager

WAC Workshop Leaders, AY17-18

Maria Judnick

Alesya Petty

Ryan Skinnell

Sarah Prasad

Kendall Barrett Sooter

Tom Moriarty


WAC Seminar Graduates, AY17-18
Ariel Andrew

Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite

Shama Ball

Debra Cairs

Roxanne Cnudde

Matt Crockett

Nicole Dubus

Jason DeHaan

Francisco DeLaCalle

Mark Dowdy

Stephanie Evans-Wemusa

Christopher Garrecht-Williams

Michelle Hager

Tabitha Hart

Sherry Harvey

Minna Holopainen

Jennifer Johnson

Roshini Joseph

Faith Kirk

Janet Kitajima

Elizabeth McMurray

Helen Meservey

Johanna Movassat

Barbara Murphy-Wesley

Tran Ngoc-Yen

Colette Oconnor

Jada Patchigondla

Alesya Petty

Sarah Prasad

Avantika Rohatgi

Karthika Sasiskumar

Erin Siebert

Julie Sparks

Philrene Toney

Ruth Wilson

Jill Yang

Oliver Yu