WAC-Sponsored Research Projects

Business Students Writing on The Job:
Do 100WB Graduates Have the Necessary Writing Skills for Today’s Workplace?
Principal Investigator: Sharon Stranahan | sharon.stranahan@sjsu.edu

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sharonHear from over 100 SJSU business alumni whether writing instruction at SJSU prepared them for their on-the-job writing needs.

This presentation reports on research that assessed how well the business writing instruction that students received at SJSU (e.g. in 100WB) prepared them for their writing demands at work. In collaboration with the Alumni Office, an online survey was sent to recent business alumni. Alumni were asked the frequency of different kinds of media they use, the frequency of collaborative writing, and the types of writing that they have done on the job since graduation. 

Come hear the research results and discuss the implications for future 100WB classes.

Who should attend: Current, past, or future 100WB instructors, as well as anyone interested in 100WB curriculum development.

Common Grammar and Usage Errors: Spanish -- English
(Resources for 100W Instructors Series)
Principal Investigator: Francisco De La Calle

franciscoA guide on common errors intends to summarize how the primary language of our multilingual students interferes in their writing. With this guide, instructors can advise more effectively and can use it as a tool to discuss writing issues. This benefits students by giving them more personalized assistance and an early diagnostic. This guide is written for instructors with no knowledge of world languages, and consequently it prioritizes simplicity: 1.the list of errors is brief, as a decalogue; 2. each item is explained from the English perspective; and 3. each example is chosen for its clarity and proximity, using cognates when possible.

The Guide on Common English-Spanish Errors lists mechanical, grammar, and use differences between the two languages; with examples, explanations, and comments on cultural features that may also impact the student’s writing style.

Comparing Utilization Patterns of Embedded Writing Fellows
and Drop-In Writing Center Tutors
Principal Investigators: Michelle Hager, Pat Walls, and Tom Moriarty
Using the data we are collecting from Writing Fellows and Writing Center Tutors, we are examining the usage patterns of each.  Our hypothesis is that students meet with Writing Fellows earlier in the writing process.

Writing Fellows in Stretch English Classes: An Empirical Study
Principal Investigators: Tom Moriarty and Michelle Hager
Comparison between sections supported by Fellows and sections without Fellows, on a variety of survey measures and student writing samples.

Writing Fellows in Writing-Intensive Courses Outside the English Department:
An Emirical Study
Principal Investigators: Michelle Hager and Tom Moriarty
Comparison between sections supported by Fellows and sections without Fellows, on a variety of survey measures and student writing samples.

Founding a Writing Across the Curriculum Program: A Narrative
Principal Investigator: Tom Moriarty
Narrative project on establishing a new writing across the curriculum program. Phase 1: Listening tour. Phase 2: Initial pilot testing of programs. Phase 3: Securing the program financially and institutionally. Phase 4: Establishing and maintaining a programmatic culture of research, innovation, and responsiveness -- a culture of permanent pilot testing.