Graduate Writing Fellows

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Graduate Writing Fellows

Graduate Writing Fellows provide writing support for students enrolled in graduate courses in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) and, possibly, other graduate programs on campus.

Job Duties
As a Graduate Writing Fellow, you will:

  • Receive ten hours of paid training and will learn how to assist students with their graduate-level writing projects.
  • Develop and offer frequent workshops to students on common writing problems, based on what you see in your one-on-one tutoring and in your conversations with faculty. 
  • Offer one-on-one tutoring like that typically found in the Writing Center.
  • Meet regularly with faculty to hear about their observations of students’ struggles with writing.

You will also:

  • Keep regular hours so that students can find you during drop-in appointments.
  • Track your tutoring work by completing a log and documenting both the numbers of students, type of tutoring provided and demographic information (including majors and class information) for students served.
  • Provide the Deans of these Colleges, as well as the Directors of the Writing Fellows program, with feedback about what worked or didn’t work for students during these one-on-one tutorials, during workshops or other writing support activities.
  • Provide feedback to faculty about assignments where many students struggle because the assignment is too vague or unclear. 

To be a Graduate Writing Fellow, you must

  • Be currently enrolled as an SJSU graduate student with a “clear” academic standing.
  • Have excellent writing, reading, and critical thinking skills.
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Have an understanding of and ways of helping students engage in group projects or collaboratively written texts. 
    • Faculty encourage students to work on group projects where everyone plays a role in producing drafts, editing and revising final texts.  The ability to pay attention to details in presentation, including copy editing, distinguishes between those who demonstrate professionalism towards their work and those that do not.
    • Have an understanding of and strategies for helping students, whose native language is NOT English, produce more native-like English prose.

Pay Rate
The pay rate for Fellows is $15.00/hr. Graduate Writing Fellows work ten hours per week.

How to Apply
Please submit an application form, along with a writing sample from a recent class (including instructor’s comments), through our online application form, available at:

Applications are due Monday, March 6, 2017.
Successful applicants will be contacted for interviews.

Please contact Dr. Tom Moriarty at


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