Steering Committee

Campus Life


In collaboration with students, staff, faculty, community, alumni, and administrators, the Accreditation Steering Committee is committed:

  • To stimulating discussion, reflection, and action with respect to institutional effectiveness within and across divisions in the process of conducting San Jose State University's (SJSU) accreditation review; and
  • To developing materials to address Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) requirements (Standards Criteria for Review [pdf]) and to treating the review process as an opportunity to collect and use information to improve the university’s planning processes.

Priorities related to campus:

  • Involve students, staff, faculty, community, alumni, and administrators in the two reviews (Preparatory and Educational Effectiveness) required by WASC;
  • Stimulate discussion, reflection, and action within and across divisions;
  • Keep a practical focus—undertake tasks that can be accomplished; and
  • Engage external audiences in a positive way that improves their understanding of and interaction with SJSU.

Priorities related to WASC:

  • Develop a clear and concise response [pdf] to the previous WASC review;
  • Present all information (essays and portfolio) in a clear and logical format to facilitate the work of visiting teams;
  • Address all standards [pdf] and selected criteria for review [pdf] in both the preparatory and educational effectiveness components of the review and respond to recommendations from WASC following each visit; 
  • Construct a portfolio not only to meet the needs of the WASC review but also to serve as the foundation for ongoing analysis, reflection, discussion, and action among campus constituents; and
  • Achieve WASC re-accreditation.