Appendices - 2014

Appendix 1.1 Examples of Community Engagement.pdf

Appendix 1.2 SJSU Strategic Plan Vision 2017.pdf

Appendix 1.3 SJSU Timeline of Events.pdf

Appendix 1.4 Senate Policies in Response to WASC.pdf

Appendix 1.5 Fact-Finding Report on Dorm Incident.pdf

Appendix 2.1 List of Committee Members and Calendar.pdf

Appendix 2.2 Report of the 5 Proficiencies Task Force.pdf

Appendix 2.3 Worksheet for Self-Review.pdf

Appendix 2.4 Compliance Checklist.pdf

Appendix 2.5 Screenshot of Canvas Homepage.pdf

Appendix 3.1 ARC Presentation on ULG Development.pdf

Appendix 3.2 Report of the MOM Task Force.pdf

Appendix 3.3 Map of ULGs to PLOs for UG Programs.pdf

Appendix 3.4 Report on PLO Mapping for Graduate Programs.pdf

Appendix 3.5 Report of Student Advertising Group.pdf

Appendix 4.1 Table of Status of Core Competency Assessment.pdf

Appendix 4.2 CLA reports 2011-13.pdf

Appendix 4.3 NSSE Reports 2008-2011.pdf

Appendix 4.4 Summary of Information Literacy Assessment Online 1.pdf

Appendix 4.5 Summary of Information Literacy Assessment Online 2.pdf

Appendix 4.6 Summary of Info Lit_Written Comm Assignments Assessment.pdf

Appendix 4.7 Academic Integrity Statistics and Reports.pdf

Appendix 4.8 Sample Writing Instruction Manual and Micro-Insertions.pdf

Appendix 4.9 Summary of Pilot Oral Communication Assessment.pdf

Appendix 4.10 Summary of Pilot Quantitative Reasoning Assessment.pdf

Appendix 5.1 Summary of Leading Indicators of Student Success.pdf

Appendix 5.2 Report on Student Survey of Advising.pdf

Appendix 5.3 Report to NSF on STEP grant.pdf

Appendix 5.4 Report on Remediation.pdf

Appendix 5.5 Report on Early Start Performance.pdf

Appendix 5.6 Report on Statway Performance.pdf

Appendix 5.7 Report on Udacity Partnership.pdf

Appendix 5.8 Summary of Student Academic Standing.pdf

Appendix 5.9 Degree Audit Report.pdf

Appendix 5.10 Sample Curricular Courses and Programs Using HIPs.pdf

Appendix 5.11 Summary Student Success Interventions.pdf

Appendix 5.12 Sample of Targeted Support Programs.pdf

Appendix 5.13 Report on SSETF Funding.pdf

Appendix 5.14 Timeline of Student Affairs Development.pdf

Appendix 5.15 Report on Assessment in Student Affairs.pdf

Appendix 6.1 Sample Program Planning Report.pdf

Appendix 6.2 Summary External Licensing Exams.pdf

Appendix 6.3 Sample of Annual Assessment Form.pdf

Appendix 6.4 Sample of Action Plan.pdf

Appendix 6.5 List of Reviewed Program Plans.pdf

Appendix 6.6 Report on GE at SJSU.pdf

Appendix 6.7 List of Student Affairs Assessment Documents.pdf

Appendix 7.1 Description of New Construction.pdf

Appendix 7.2 Summary Center for Faculty Development.pdf

Appendix 7.3 Report on Leadership Development Program.pdf

Appendix 7.4 Diversity Master Plan Hiring Map.pdf

Appendix 7.5 Summary Resources provided by Library.pdf