Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships are associations or connections between two or more people that support physical, mental, emotional and social well-being; balance; and contentment.

Important elements of healthy relationships include:

  • mutual respect
  • trust
  • positive communication
  • good boundaries

Healthy relationships also foster the expression of:

  • care
  • concern
  • affection

Important components of Healthy Relationships include:

  • feelings of security
  • more praise than criticism
  • more met needs than unmet needs

For more information on relationships, please visit the Spartans for Safety website at: Topics addressed include intimate partner and domestic violence, sexual assault, bullying, stalking, and being an empowered bystander.

Relationship consultations through the Student Health Center consist of a 30-minute confidential appointment. Please call (408) 924-6122 to make an appointment. You can also email Zoë Whaley (zoë, if you have questions about relationships.