Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee (ADAPC)

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Committee is a campus and community collaboration that strives to prevent alcohol and drug abuse among SJSU students in order to support their academic and career success. The committee includes representatives from the Student Health Center, Counseling Services, University Housing Services, University Police Department, Spartan Athletics, Spartan Shops, Student Conduct & Ethical Development, Student Involvement, Human Resources, Associated Students and a community representative. The committee was formed in 2002 after a Chancellor's directive asked campuses to develop a coordinated program to address alcohol abuse on California State University campuses. Since that time, this committee has been providing direction to campus services, writing policy, and striving to provide coordinated services to prevent alcohol abuse among students.

Each representative is part of a campus department that provides some alcohol prevention services to the campus community. In addition, the committee itself operates several programs and initiatives. These programs include media campaigns based on social norm theory, education for new students about campus alcohol policies, revision of campus alcohol policies, support for members to attend alcohol related conferences, and collaborations among departments.

Meeting Schedule

  • Every last Thursday of the month in Student Wellness Center 122A

ADAPC 2016-2017 Committee

The committee meets once a month throughout the academic year. Current committee members are:

  • Wellness & Health Promotion Coordinator-Liz Romero
  • Director of Health Services or designee – Roger Elrod
  • Director of Housing or Residential Life representative – Natina Gurley
  • Representatives from Student Involvement– 
  • Director of Intercollegiate Athletics or designee –
  • Human Resources – Julie Wong
  • Chief, Student Conduct & Ethical Development Office – Theodore Tsau
  • University Chief of Police or designee – Carlos Garcia
  • Director of Counseling or designee – Stephanie Preston
  • Exec. Dir. Spartan Shops, or designee -
  • Faculty-At-Large – 
  • Member-At-Large Off-Campus Community –
  • Student Representative from Peer Health Education –Daisy Ramirez
  • Student Representative from University Housing – 
  • Associated Students Representative- Tari Wimbley
  • Student Representative from Associated Students – Natalya Balal
  • Student Representative from Fraternity & Sorority Life -