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Upcoming Cooking Classes :

(Student Wellness Center 122)

Huevos Rancheros
5/4 @ 1 pm

See CHEW flyer for more information  


Nutritional Consultations

Cassie Barmore, MS, RD is the Registered Dietitian who works with students one-on-one to inspire and motivate healthier eating habits. Healthy eating can improve how you look & feel, your academic performance, and more!

Nutritional consultation topics:

  • Eating Concerns/Disorders
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • High Cholesterol
  • Digestive Problems
  • Healthy Eating Strategies
  • Sports Performance
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Management of Diabetes

Nutrition Contact

Call the Student Health Center appointment line at 924-6122 to schedule a nutrition consultation.  

Having a healthy lifestyle is multifaceted and can pertain to many different areas of wellness. We chose to focus on the body, with good nutrition, being physically active, getting enough sleep, and managing stress as well as components to a healthy lifestyle.

(CHEW) Cooking Healthy, Eating Well:

Students can sign up for free cooking classes in our new Student Wellness Center. Each cooking class teaches basic cooking skills utilizing affordable ingredients and all participants walk away with free food and useful knowledge. Sign up online. Send your suggestions, questions or comments regarding CHEW classes to

For more information on CHEW classes, recipes and instructors, visit our page. See map below to find out where CHEW classes are held.

 Demo Lab

Good Nutrition:

  • Aim to make half your plate fruits and veggies
  • Avoid oversized portions
  • Aim to make at least 1/2 your grains whole grains
  • Drink more water, and less sugary drinks
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Smoothie Recipes

Being Physically Active:

  • Walk for 15 minutes in the morning
  • Play sports
  • Go on a hike
  • Take the stairs to one class or to work
  • Walk for the last 15 minutes of lunch breaks
  • Park further away from campus or the store