CHEW Instructors


 Cassie Barmore        

Cassie Barmore

Cassie Barmore, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian and oversee's the nutrition education and CHEW classes through the Student Health Center. Cassie's undergraduate degree focused on nutrition and food science,learning more in depth about cooking, food chemistry, and food safety. Cassie has taught food demonstrations in a variety of settings, ranging from clients at AIDS Project LA in their food pantry to student residents in University Housing at Texas Tech University. Cassie specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine and seeks to make cooking simple and fun. 

Grace Kim

Grace Kim

Grace Kim has always been an avid promoter of eating well and living healthfully. She started cooking at age 4- and has never stopped, including completing a year of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Service training at City College of San Francisco. Her most memorable courses included meat butchery, sensory evaluation of wine, and classic and modern sauces. While she was there, she and a team of spectacular culinary mates won 1st place in mock-Iron Chef competition. The main course featured a seared duck breast over a root vegetable puree, chimchurri sauce, and a caramelized mushroom au jus.

Like many she gained a lot of her independence in the kitchen during her undergraduate years at the University of California, San Diego. Alongside preparing for her Physiology finals, she would often become drawn to reading health-science articles and compiling folders of favorite recipes. Currently, Grace is a graduate student at San Jose State University. She plans to finish with a degree in Nutritional Science, and expand upon a career that focuses on ways to improve adolescent health. 

CHEW Instructor Kim


Kim is a Food Science Undergraduate student at San Jose State University with an emphasis in dietetics. She wants to bridge the gap between people and healthy food by inspiring them in the kitchen with whole foods, spices, and creating an enjoyable relationship with cooking. She plans to pursue graduate school following SJSU then continuing with her goals of bringing the importance of small farms and whole foods to the forefront of modern medicine.

Kim is a first generation American with Portuguese roots. Growing up with this traditional culture gave her a flare for authentic flavor which made big family dinners a staple. She grew up with an agriculture background being raised on a dairy farm in the heart of California’s Central Valley. This experience gave her a keen connection with the source and production of food. At a young age her first job was at the neighborhood fruit stand, encouraging people to embrace whole foods from local farmers that supplied seasonal flavors to the community. Kim is passionate about advocating whole foods and reclaiming the farm to table eating habits in our society.

CHEW Instructor Kyle

Kyle Goody

Kyle Goody is an enthusiastic person who has always enjoyed to learn about, prepare, and eat delicious meals. Growing up watching old episodes of Iron Chef, he would always attempt to copy their culinary accomplishments in his own kitchen and mimic the master dishes they created. After high school, and newly independent, he was able to practice cooking and foster his understanding and relationship with food and the power it has to help us achieve the rich and fulfilling lives that we all deserve to live. His culinary skills are a mixture of self-taught and ten years working in the foodservice industry.

Currently, he is in his junior year of the dietetics program at San Jose State University where he is studying nutrition. He is an active student and loves working with fellow students to achieve Spartan success!