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Cooking Healthy, Eating Well

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About Us

The purpose of the SJSU Demo Lab is to provide a safe and educational cooking setting where students can learn basic cooking techniques, general nutrition, and food safety information to prepare healthy, affordable meals on their own.  


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Eat mindfully, even on the go; C.H.E.W with a Mason Jar salad! For more helpful infographics from Cook Smart, click here 


Adding Flavor without Salt

Processed foods, snacks, and take-out have tons of this: SALT! Too much salt can raise blood pressure, dehydrate you, and really mask some of the natural flavors found in food. Here are some ways to add flavor without adding too much salt.

  • Acid-adding something acidic, such as squeeze of lemon juice to your chicken, a splash of vinegar to your vegetables, or even some yogurt as a base of a sauce can freshen and enhance the flavor of any savory dish.

  • Herbs- sprinkle on chopped bits of fresh cilantro to salsa or rice pilaf, rosemary to pan roasted breakfast potatoes, or even tarragon to your chicken salad sandwich for a classic pairing. Even trying adding dried spices to sauces and soups for an extra layer of flavor. Try out a fresh herb recipe from EatingWell magazine: Three-Herb Potato Salad
  • Spices-Add a little curry powder tossed with a cauliflower, as it roasts in the oven-this will be a nice addition to any meal that is so good it won't last long enough to make it to the final plated dish. Add thyme to cooked mushrooms to enhance their natural flavor.

  • Aromatic Vegetables-onions, garlic, leeks, peppers, celery, and carrot are common bases for cooked soups and roasted dishes. Add some sauteed to your next omelet, shave raw fennel to your next salad, which has a mild licorice aroma, or caramelize some onions for a natural sweetness to spread on toast with a nice smear of creamy cheese.

  • Eat seasonally and locally-Fruit and vegetables are the most flavorful at certain peak times throughout the year. Check to see what produce is growing this season at CUESA or Sustainable Table.