Our Team



Robb Drury, MPA, BSW

Senior Director for Resource Management
Administrator in Charge-Student Wellness Center
Division of Student Affairs 





  Christine Wong MinetaChristine Wong Mineta

  Assistant Director, Wellness & Health Promotion

  MPH, Community Health Sciences,
  University of California, Los Angeles
  BA, Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz



Why did you choose to work in Wellness and Health Promotion?
Working in Wellness & Health Promotion allows me the opportunity to integrate my past work in public health and higher education, which I am deeply committed to and passionate about, and engage with a wonderful group of diverse students, staff, and faculty. I have an opportunity to work alongside other dedicated professionals who strive to encourage students to adopt healthier lifestyles and create environments that enable them to do so. I thrive off of the energy that students bring with them and enjoy not only helping them shape their health behaviors, but also to think critically about health through a social justice lens.

Can you talk about what you do in WHP?
My role is to spearhead initiatives and projects in support of Wellness & Health Promotion's goals and objectives that align with established goals for the Division of Student Affairs and SJSU's strategic plan. I manage and oversee the Healthy Campus 2020 initiative at SJSU, which aims to improve the health of our students, staff, and faculty, as well as supervise the development and maintenance of marketing and social media outreach. I also build and maintain collaborations with other campus organizations and departments to extend Wellness & Health Promotion/Student Health Center outreach and effectiveness to promote healthy environments and behaviors with the ultimate goal of student success.

What do you do to stay well?
I enjoy spending time with my family and taking our dog on walks through the park. I feel most energized when I am able to get back to nature by visiting the beach or gardening, although I wouldn't quite say I have a "green" thumb! Watching the ocean is very calming to me and I love hearing the sound of the waves. I also like to spend time by myself in quiet meditation to refocus and feel grounded.

What's the most awesome place you've ever been?
Venice, Italy. The gondolas, canals, bridges, and beautiful Venetian architecture were just spectacular! And the food was delicious, too- that was the first time I was ever served a raw egg on my pizza!

Strengths: Achiever, Learner, Maximizer, Responsibility, Arranger



Emily Rosenfield

   Emily Rosenfield

   Wellness & Health Promotion Coordinator


   MPH, Health Policy & Management, Boston                 

   BA, Sociology, Brandeis University



   Amrita Raghuraman

   Health Communication Specialist


   MPH, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



   Kenny Ma

   Kenny Ma

   Health Educator


   BS, San Jose State University                 



Photo of Vicky Cervantes

Vicky Cervantes

Office Coordinator

College of the Holy Spirit


Why did you choose to work in Wellness and Health Promotion?

I chose to work in Wellness and Health Promotion because I love to meet and help people.
I love cultural diversity at SJSU. Working with the students and the coordinators is a learning process that keeps me going because everyday is something different to look forward to.

Can you talk about what you do in WHP?
I provide support to the Assist Director, all the WHP Coordinators, and students. I prepare a variety of documents, order and maintain office and event supplies; process, monitor and maintain various departmental budgets; receive and respond to student inquiries and explain policies and procedures as requested.

What do you do to stay well?
I have four sons who are very active. When my boys go biking, camping, hiking, you name it, I am there with them. I love to cook and dance when I have time. I also create cards
and scrapbooks.

What's the most awesome place you've ever been?
Lucerne, Switzerland and Canada

Strengths: Achiever, Empathy, Developer, Connectedness, Strategic  


Photo of Anna AngAnna Ang

Assessment and Compliance Coordinator

MA, MPH, San Jose State University
BA, National University of Singapore


Why did you choose to work in Wellness and Health Promotion?
I chose to work in Wellness and Health Promotion because I love interacting with SJSU students and engaging in lively conversations and dialogues with them about college life. As an SJSU alumni, I enjoy sharing my stories, knowledge and experience with fellow SJSU students to help them stay healthy on campus and succeed in college.

Can you talk about what you do in WHP?
I provide administrative and programming support to the WHP team. I provide assistance to the team in their outreach efforts on campus and answer queries from students regarding the excellent services that we provide at the student health center.

What do you do to stay well?
I enjoy cooking, learning about new recipes from different cultures and watching Food Network. I also enjoy role-playing different characters with my three year old as well as spending quality time with my newborn. 

What's the most awesome place you've ever been? 
Bali, Indonesia

Strengths: Harmony, Analytical, Responsibility, Context, Developer